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#Health #Family #Bitcoin

#Splinterlands #SPT

Jason Trio - @bittrio

#Health #Family #Bitcoin 👈In that order.

Streaming Daily Monday - Friday

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Set goals, stick to them, no excuses, complain later


1.1 video/post - Monday-Friday
Started 10/4/2018

2.100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 body-weight squats - Everyday
Started 2/5/2019

3.Wim Hof breathing - Everyday
Started 3/11/2019

4.Read kids book at bedtime - Everyday
Started 4/1/2019(Missed 5/30/2019)

5.No porn, no jerking off - Everyday
Started 1/1/2019

…and more to come. Gaining everyday.

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Thank you for watching and supporting the stream!

Later! 👋

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"The last one is always the hardest!"

You Gotta love the fire quests!! You are a really great player! I hope you get some more to eat than the chips, that water temperature is so crazy! You should record that make it a Splinterlands video! You could be the water elemental! You are brave OMG! LOL! ~ @clove71