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RE: Splinterlands Land Presale - Stage 2 Details

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For smaller players who want to get some plots and are worried about missing out on the second round lottery:

I have two guaranteed regions (from Round 1) that I'm willing to use to help smaller players. I'd let players buy between 1 to 50 plots at $9 per plot (the at cost rate if you were part of a pool, which is cheaper than the $12/plot you'd pay if you bought individual plots in Round 2 and even cheaper than the $10/plot you'd pay if you bought individual plots in Round 1):

  • I'll buy the guaranteed regions anyway so you don't have to worry about whether or not the pool has gotten enough participation. And since these are guaranteed regions, you don't have to risk missing out like with the Round 2 lottery.

  • You'd get 9 raffle tickets with each $9 plot.

  • I'd distribute the plots and the raffle tickets as soon as they are received (right when the lottery period ends and pre-sale #2 begins).

  • I do strongly prefer U.S. PayPal for payment (since the original amount was put on my credit card), though I can also probably take any sort of crypto that Splinterlands accepts. For those who want to buy land with DEC, I would suggest contacting cryptoeater, Team Possible, or vcdragon.

  • If someone wants to buy more than 50 plots, I can put the excess (over 50) on the waiting list. I want to first give as many people as possible the chance to purchase plots. If there is leftover supply, then I can sell the rest.

For those interested, please contact Byzantinist on Discord.


What if the question is about 1 Tract (100 Plots) for the community Guild?
There is no determined amount of members still (7-15), but it is like 5-15 plots at member.


If it's for a group of people (like your community guild), I could sell 100 plots (or 5-15 plots to each individual).

Since they would come as 100 plots, you could request that they be located next to each other but they wouldn't necessarily be in the same tract (and there would be no guaranteed keep, though it would be possible for more than one to end up with a keep or castle).

You would get 9 raffle tickets with each plot (900 raffle tickets for 100 plots).

But under this pooling arrangement you would not get a title if your community guild bought 100 plots (another reason why I'm more focused on <= 50 plots at a time). I hope that is okay.

You can find more details or ask more questions here:

Good man, I just noticed yer cryptokitties avatar, good times! (If you like spunking ETH at least)


I'm interested, please send me information to Llyo#4720 on discord.
I tried to contact you on discord but i couldn't because you dont put the tag #0000


Hi! I am Discord: Byzantinist - 🐎 Purebred Sires#2992

I also wrote up a post here: