Splinterlands Archer Challenge

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This week's share your battle challenge involves using a card from the water splinter.

A veteran who is known for hitting multiple targets from the backlines. He might be slow but over the long term his contribution on a battle is pretty high.

Without further ado let's dive into it!

Theme: Pirate Archer

The Pirate Archer is a rare card from the Reward edition. It was released during the Beta series.

He comes with the blast ability, thus he is able to at least deal damage to two cards each turn

It starts with an range attack of 1. Pretty good considering his ability.

What makes this card very appealing is its low mana cost. Namely two!

Think about it, the Pirate Archer is able to deal blast damage with a very low mana cost.

It can be yours for 0.07 $.

I believe this is underrated, this card is a must have on any water deck due to its blast ability.

At level five its attacking power doubles. This is its main upgrade.

Other than that his speed and hitpoints gradually increase

Where NOT to use

Due to its low mana cost and low hitpoints shouldn't be used it for the following rulesets

  • Matches with a high mana cap
  • Back to basics

Where to use

  • Target Practice
  • Fog of war
  • Matches with low mana cap

Target practice boosts the blast ability, it makes sure that the Archer hits three rivals each turn when possible.

Fog of war renders the sneak and snipe ability useless thus almost protecting the Archer from a one-hit KO.

The Battle

This Battle took place in a ranked game. It involves the ruleset of "Fog of War"


For this battle you will see two different ways of going at low mana battle

I focused on having a full squad, whereas my rival brought three big hitters. Thus he only brought four cards.

When it comes to strength my rival had a level four epic summoner and I brought a level three rare summoner

Overall my rival's cards were stronger. Half of my team were low level epic and legendaries though

My Lineup

  1. Spineback Turtle: This card is a must have for the water splinter. At level four it gains the thorns ability.

  2. Creeping Ooze: One mana was open. Great to reduce my rival's speed

  3. Spirit Miner: Works in synergy with my Ooze and deals three magic damage.

  4. Ruler of the Seas: The main dealer of damage. Able to deal five damage each turn due to the blast ability

  5. Pirate Archer: The pirate of the week! deals blast damage while being protected from sneakers and snipers.

  6. Halfling alchemist: Another great card for a match like this one. Is able to weaken my rival's offensive thus protecting my turtle.

The match started with my spirit miner enraging my rival's Pit Ogre. Fortunately for me the Ogre was too slow to make a move!

My rival's giant Roc quickly fell due to my turtle's thorns ability.

Here is where the Archer's contribution kicks in.

Not only was his attack necessary to defeat the Ogre, it also left my rival's giant Roc with enough hitpoints to be taken down by one round of thorns

The rest got taken care quickly, since my main attacking force was with magic damage

See you in the Battlefield!

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