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Hey Splinterlands fans

So the end of the latest season has come and gone and I managed to reach gold 3, which isn't the best finish but it scores me 22 cards. I managed to get 3 gold cards out of it, so it wasn't a bad pull for a season.

My deck is now worth just over $250 should I cash it in and I intend to build on it since it seems to be the only thing in the STEEM ecosystem still holding its value.

Now I'd like to streamline my deck and build towards a better finish next season.


Let's swap

I'm trying to build a stronger deck to compete and levelling up monsters is the only way I'm going to get there so I'm keen to swap and perhaps help each other level up our monsters.

Cards I'm keen to move on

  • NAGA FIRE WIZARD - 8 available
  • EXPLODING DWARF - 27 available
  • IMP BOWMAN - 5 available
  • SEA MONSTER - 23 available
  • PIRATE ARCHER - 12 available
  • WOOD NYMPH - 26 available
  • MUSHROOM SEER - 9 available
  • JAVELIN THROWER - 3 available
  • SILVERSHIELD ARCHERS - 29 available
  • VAMPIRE - 27 available
  • UNDEAD MINOTAUR - 30 available
  • HIGHLAND ARCHER - 47 available
  • RUSTY ANDROID - 22 available
  • CREEPING OOZE - 17 available
  • GOBLIN MECH - 42 available
  • HOBGOBLIN - 14 available

Cards I'm keen on

I'm looking for any of these cards so i can level up my monsters. If you have any spares laying around I'll be willing to take them off of your hands

  • UNDEAD PRIEST - 2 more to level up
  • PHANTOM SOLDIER - 2 more to level up
  • MANTICORE - 1 more to level up
  • BLACK DRAGON - 1 more to level up
  • RULER OF THE SEAS - 1 more to level up
  • SILVERSHIELD BARD - 1 more to level up
  • MERMAID HEALER - 1 more to level up
  • PIT OGRE - 1 more to level up
  • CLAY GOLEM - 1 more to level up
  • LORD ARIANTHUS - 1 more to level up
  • TWISTED JESTER - 1 more to level up

Are you stil playing splinterlands? If not why have you given up? Why not lease out your deck if you don't plan on playing.

Let's connect

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I pulled my first gold card yesterday, Was exited as can be. My deck is still on the low end value wise, maybe $22, but I am loving the process of building it up. It gives me motivation to create and write more so I can buy more packs and cards.

right now my summoners need a major boost. soon I will hit up the market and see wht I can find.


$20 bucks isn’t bad at all for a few minutes a day of playing and it’s only growing more each day! I remember when I started these cards were worth nothing and no they’re selling for hundreds of dollars it’s inane

I’ve only bought a starter pack when the game launched and bought one booster pack and a few singles I can’t have spent more than $30

It’s also worth entering the random giveaways each day and picking up a few cards You can use to power up

I think once we can buy cards with DEC on the market it’s going to push this game to a whole new level

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Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

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SILVERSHIELD BARD is sent to you

WISTED JESTER sent to you

LORD ARIANTHUS sent to you

I have sent cards for about 3,60 usd,
Any green you got. And if not - any white
To - minimining

WOW! Thank you so much

I sent you

  • 23 Wood Nymphs
  • 5 Mushroom Seers
  • 2 Javalin Throwers
  • 25 Silverfield Archers
  • 1 Devine Sorcerous

Let me know if that's enough, if not I'll send you some STEEM

Thanks. The only thing I miss now is a beer...


thanks ! That was a good start this morning

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