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Hey Splinterlands fans

I'll start off by saying that I wasn't the earliest adopter of the game, nor was I a major player or investor. In fact, gaming on the blockchain didn't really interest me at first. I was here for the steem baby, give me the steem! The game was hard to avoid in its initial launch back then, known as Steem Monsters and steemians were shilling the shit out of it.

I'd entered a few competitions won some packs or the odd single card and then I thought what the hell, but some cash behind it and get in on it myself, really what is there to lose?

So I purchased a starter pack and a few booster packs and started playing to collect my daily rewards. I tried out a few tournaments but I wasn't any good to get far enough to win prize money so I just sort of put that one on hold while I added more cards to my collection to build my deck and improve my chances of moving up the ranks and picking up more season rewards.

I'll play a few battles a day to win my daily reward and rack up some DEC in the process. Which I would use to buy the odd card that I needed to level up certain monsters

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 08.51.01.png

Let's look at the numbers

My total spend on the game so far is:

  • 5.304 STEEM
  • 0.250 STEEM for tournament entry fees
  • 17.635 SBD

I can't remember what the steem price was at the time I spent it but let's say I've roughly spent about $25 - 30 on the game

So far my deck is now worth $410, that's a 1366% ROI, not too shabby might I add. Especially when you consider I do the bare minimum.

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 08.39.03.png

More ways to earn

If you really wanted to take the game seriously you could do things like

  • Post on splinterlands tribe or their forum to earn SPT regularly to earn the SPT token
  • Enter tournaments to win prize money
  • Buy and sell cards on the market
  • Rent out your cards
  • Use your referral link to bring in new members
  • Purchase orbs or packs with the DEC you earn (random cards are generated so you never know the worth of what you going to get in a pack)
  • Delegate steem power to earn DEC

Pay to play? Nah Pay me to play

Have you been playing the game? What's your ROI been like?

Let's connect

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Difficullt to calculate because i do not know the value of steem when I bought some cards.
BUT with some good golden cards and dragons I have good ROI.
Best cards have to alpha cards I collected before the game started. Just for fun..

Lol yeah that's the sucky part if you bought packs and cards regularly it's hard to keep up with your investment luckily I didn't spend much on the game. A little bit of effort gets you some cash, i can't be too mad at that

I probably spent less than $10 (Alpha Starter and two Boosters) and my cards value now are $30+ Bear in mind I don't play the game frequently so I didn't earn many cards. I don't have epics and only have 1 legendary valued at $5.

That's not bad, having a 200% gain and not doing much! Perhaps you should lease out your cards if you don't plan on using them

Well, I tried but apparently if the card is used few days before it won't rent and my the Legendary is my strongest card that I use every time I play.

Perhaps you should lease out your cards if you don't plan on using them

Good adivce though~

Ah yes that is a bummer, you have to wait it out if you're renting or selling. I think that if you're just a passive investor the renting works well. But if you still want to play you may need to improve your deck first and then rent out the cards you don't often use

Removed unvote. It was not known to me. Tnx for advise.

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Thanks mate! Wishing you all the best, keep steeming! We all want this place to become better and improve the price

Tnx. If possible, remove the flag.

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Well shit, I guess I wish I was a geek that played virtual fantasy games.. 3 of those last words just don't vibe with my old fart ass.. TBH I think that shit is gay and I'm not afraid to use that non PC term.. I can think of well anything I'd rather spend my time doing than playing Zelda on steem.. To each their own though, at least I know it is conceivable you could kick a ball beyond my keep. Which is to say I realise you keep a balance in life, but yeah, fuck gaming, I was over that shit at duck hunt. Maybe tekken or Tony Hawk but definitely not my magic I bought beats your magic you couldn't buy..

I happened to enjoy gaming like I had a few consoles and all that but I’ve never been like fanatical about it! If there’s a good game sure I’ll try it, red dead redemption was the last game I thought was worth my time and it was really good

As for this one, if it makes me a few extra bucks and I’m ahead of the curve and some sucker wants to pay me for them who am I to deny them that pleasure of funding my retirement

I can appreciate that. I'd had a beers yesterday and was feeling brutally honest and totally out of touch with my generation as I have not enjoyed video games since 1989.. I became very annoyed by my peers proclivities to sit indoors and work there thumbs into a frenzy as opposed to getting outside and building dangerous make shift ramps to punish our young bodies and never recovered from that perturbed state..

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Lol we all have our moments, don't get me wrong I was scuffing my knees and running around the neighbourhood like most kids in the hoods of Africa. Gaming was more of a group thing here since it would be one kid that had the console and we'd all pile on lol

Nice return👍

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Thanks! Not bad at all, and I think this game will only continue to grow it’s only got a few hundred active players at the moment I’m sure if it hits the 1000s these cards are going to be worth a boat load!

That's quite impressive. I wish I had some time to check this out. I bought a pack of cards on Steem engine but don't have a clue how to start playing.

It can be time consuming which is why I only do the minimum 5 matches to get my daily rewards! If you can’t play you should lease out your cards and then get a return on them

Damn, that roi is nuts!

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I know right? I feel like I should have been more ballsy and invested bigger, in the beginning, could have been sitting pretty now but I guess I know for next time. Hopefully, the game continues to grow and add more players and those of us who were there in the beginning can cash in major

The only thing I don't like about this game is repetitive and boring. At least I try it for the pleasure last year.

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It can get boring yeah, which is why I just do the minimum and get my daily rewards and move on! I do enjoy opening up new cards since you never know what you’re going to get

That is the most important!

What's your ROI been like thus far? You can check using Steempeak and the bookkeeping bot

I sold all my cards in May but I was in the early day of this game.

and how much did you make from your sale?

I love me some Splinterlands. Easily my best crypto decision in the last 5 years. Fun too.

I still enjoy it and always look forward to the new developments but the increase in value is what keeps me motivated


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Glad we won you over and that you're having fun! 😍@carrieallen

Whoop whopp! Thank you @carrieallen much appreciated lol yes you suckered me in eventually, @steemmonsters for the win

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It's a great game and where I earn most of my STEEM now from buying, selling and playing. It's let me build up a nice collection and add STEEM to my account every week which is brilliant. It's something to do as well on the chain since there is only so much blogging you can get through.

Agreed. It really became interesting to me once DEC came into play so the game has more freedom to shape your account the way you want! I’ve played a few other blockchain games and they’re all shockingly bad or don’t work well

This is miles ahead of anything and there’s so much more that can be added to it! The user base is still pretty small so getting in now you can catch reasonable upside

I wonder if the next bull run comes how this game will be affected