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What it is, from whence it came, nobody seems to know,
But you will be absorbed, my dear, if it catches but a toe.

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Creeping Ooze

Splinter - Mortis

Class - Ooze

Size - Varies

Lifespan - No one knows how long the Ooze will live, or whether or not it can be killed. The only noises it makes are random squishing and sucking sounds, especially when it’s absorbing something. Lyverian scholars insist that these sounds comprise a rudimentary language, which they are striving to learn.

Weapon - The Ooze itself is the weapon. It may collect swords, bows, helms and horns from its victims and hold them within its cloudy bulk, but those are always disintegrated within a few days of first being absorbed. Warriors should always take care when fighting with the Creeping Ooze to not get any on their hands or clothing. Even the smallest amount of Ooze can trigger the horrible absorption process.

Habitat - This bizarre Creeping Ooze does not seem to belong anywhere, but it has clearly been emerging from the mountain of Bren-Ha, which towers over the Death Splinter of Mortis. It also has a focus on expansion, having found its way onto boats and into the other Splinters.

Diet - The Creeping Ooze does not so much eat as absorb, and it absorbs anything and everything it touches. Some things simply dissolve, but other things become a sort of oozified version of their former selves. Thankfully, the Ooze is rather slow moving, so people and monsters usually get out of the way.

Allies - Don’t be ridiculous, this is an Ooze that has a hive mind entirely of its own. It doesn’t have allies. It is a wonder that it can be summoned at all.

Enemies - The process of oozification is quite horrifying to onlookers. It looks painful, to say the least. Enemies of the Ooze include all intelligent, living creatures.

Pastimes - The Ooze enjoys traveling, much to the dismay of everyone in the Splinterlands. Its greatest sympathizers say that it is merely seeking a place of its own, but the Gloridax believe it means to oozify the whole world in a plan called Manifooze Destiny.


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Haha. Love it! Always a welcome addition to any team. Re-splintered this. lol

Greetings, grand @chrisroberts

Excelent lore, man!!!! This monster helps a lot to win some battles.

Thank you for share with us and have a nice day!!!

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Ahahahah! Cool one, it was hard to imagine the profile of this one. Great job on the lore!

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