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A head inside a jar,
Is all that now remains,
Of one who's traveled far,
Inflicting countless pains.

Now on the battlefield,
his title he defends;
Just hope that if he's summoned
He is summoned by your friends.

-Prake Zundlebruff, Goblin Cartographer

Peacebringer 15.png

Lord Arianthus

Splinter - Anumün

Class - Defensive Tank

Size - 2 Chickens (not including Plasmic Chamber)

Lifespan - The Space Lord Arianthus has gone to extreme lengths to prolong his life through any means necessary. It had been some three hundred years since he gave up his failing body, leaving his head suspended in its nearly indestructible Plasmic Chamber, but he was already extremely old at that time. The Lord is actively looking for the next solution to his cursed mortality, and since arriving in the Splinterlands, he has his eyes on dark energy.

Weapon - Lord Arianthus is unable to make any formidable offensive attack, but his defenses are mighty. Anyone who attacks his Plasmic Chamber is viciously shocked, and he reflects any magic strongly back toward the caster. Whenever he needs leg work, his team of robotic attendants are prepared to do his bidding, but he greatly misses the thrill of killing with his own hands.

Habitat - The living head of Lord Arianthus is confined at all times within his protective jar. Its otherworldly construction allows this self-proclaimed space-traveling overlord to perform magic as well as any sorcerer in the Splinterlands. Lord Arianthus has not made the location of his lair known to anyone in the Splinterlands, but it is believed to be somewhere in the foothills of the Seed Mountains of Anumün.

Diet - Lord Arianthus does not eat, but a regular supply of mysterious green gas must be pumped into his jar or he gets quite cranky. Not only does this gas provide all the sustenance his brain requires, but it also pacifies him when he is not in battle. At rest, the Lord Arianthus is usually lost in a thick cloud of the stuff, also known as the lord’s plasma. Last year, some Gobsons stole a cannister of the lord’s plasma for personal use, but they quickly discovered its severe toxicity to all Golblins.

Allies - Lord Arianthus has a posse of mechanical helpers that were created to do his bidding. Since the arrival of their space ship in the Splinterlands, several of his Robots have defected from his rule. He comes on a bit strong, and the Robots have discovered that they can live happy and free among the monsters of the Splinterlands, who are mostly just fascinated by their complex gears and engines. In Anumün, Lord Arianthus has found more in common with the mischief of the industrious Goblins of Gobson than with the Kingdom of Lyveria.

Enemies - Shortly after his arrival in a Gloridax press release, Lord Arianthus declared himself the mortal enemy of the Dragons. He does not wish for world domination, but only glory and victory in the Mount Mox tournaments. A a great warlord himself, Lord Arianthus simply recognizes that the Dragons possess an unfair advantage. If anyone knows unfairness, it’s the Lord Arianthus.

Pastimes - The great Lord Arianthus enjoys competition more than anything; it is one of the joys life continues to offer during his existence as a floating head. He travels the stars seeking contests that are worth his mettle, and he thinks he will be happy in the Splinterlands for many years.




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greetings, @chrisroberts

excelent lore, man. To me, its the more harder card to defeat at this game. Unfortunately, all people play with this :(

thank you and have a nice day

Me too, me too. :)
It's gets a little old facing him in 80% of the battles. Eventually, I'll figure out a way to take you down, Lord Arianthus!

Awesome, at 300 years old he sure must of seen his fair share of batttles!

Yeah, he's destroyed a lot of planets. Luckily, he's not planning on destroying this one... yet. Let's be honest, Lord A just doesn't have the doomsday capabilities that he used to.

He can worry not as us Humans will be sure to destroy this planet ourselves. All the head honcho has to do is live long enough to see it, which looks like he has covered.

Awesome history of a very interesting character! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks! :) I've actually barely even scratched the surface of his history. This is more like his present. Maybe we'll build the story backwards here... The Arianthus Chronicles: A Splinterlands in Space Story!

The most glorious of all creatures. Long live Lord A!

Hahaha, loved it and Lord Anus, great job once again @chrisroberts ! Upped 💯 and resteemed, Wish I could buy your Golden Maxed Lord Anus, mine is maxed but not gold, maybe when the season ends I ill get good cards to sell!!❤💯👍👹

My GF Lord Arianthus was just a single, and I actually sold it yesterday! :)
It looks like I'll be able to sink 3 or 4 hundred bucks into the Kickstarter just from selling some cards. Seems like I'd be crazy not to, with all the Chain Golems and packs I'll get.

I'm also thinking it would be fun to have the team autograph the physical cards so I can sell them to a fan as a collectors' item!

I think thats a great idea! Hummmmm!? Maybe I should think about doing something similar as I have no money to sink into the kickstarter, Which pack deal do you think is the best thats not to expensive!?👍👍👍

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