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"Underneath this charred red flesh there burns a flame as hot as the desire of youth, as bright as the reflection of a sun, and as strong as any monster under my control."

-from the Malric Lectures

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Malric Inferno

Splinter - The Burning Lands

Class - Fire Summoner

Lifespan - Years ago, while seeking the Flame of Everlast, Malric became lost in the deep dark caves of the Molten Mountains. With the last of his energy, he cried out to Mitreyya, who took pity on him, and through the great power of her servant, Mishna, he was reborn in fire. Now, Malric Inferno exists as two forms in one person. Malric draws a seemingly endless supply of energy from his Fire Body, which rejuvenates and strengthens his once normal Efreet body. He is only able to summon is his Fire Body, and switching between the two forms takes a great deal of effort, but Malric Inferno no longer ages.

Weapon - Ever since Malric’s transformation to Malric Inferno, he rarely has need for weapons. Still, Malric has fond memories of bladehunting in the Badlands with his brother Zintar so many years ago. In his Efreet form, he still enjoys the feeling of steel on his hip. He carries a magnificent knifebelt that contains fine crystal blades crafted by the most skilled Khymian Quarrymen.

Size - 82 Chickens

Habitat - Malric Inferno currently resides in a lavish cave home, deep in Molten Mountain. From there, he can quickly reach all of his many teaching posts at the various schools within the mountain.

Diet - Although he has been permanently transformed, Malric still has the discriminating culinary tastes of an Efreet nobleman. Since he is their most prized Summoner, the Torch has the finest delicacies brought to Malric from throughout the Splinterlands.

Allies - For his own benefit, Malric entertains the desires of the Torch, but in his heart he answers only to the High Priestess Mishna. She is the one who granted him his power, and though their love could never be a reality, Malric treasures their special, secret relationship.

Enemies - Malric Inferno has a special mission of his own, to topple the Gloridax power structure. As far as he is concerned, the Mount Mox Tournament Games are an abomination, a chance for the lesser beings to grovel at the feet of their Gloridax masters. He would uproot their tree from within.

Pastimes - Before he became such a powerful Summoner, Malric Inferno was an intellectual, a student of knowledge. Today, when he can concentrate enough to keep the fire out of his hands, he still enjoys reading his old books. Knowledge is precious in the Burning Lands. Everything burns, and since books are no exception, Malric knows he must read them while he still can.


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His brother is Zintar? You learn something new every day!

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A book reader, who would of known :P

Another awesome entry to the profiles of SM/SP characters.

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@chrisroberts, Fire Splinter is definitely reflects as rise of Lava. And my favorite card from the Fire Element is Cerberus. Stay blessed.

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Oh @chrisroberts I love your stories so much, well done my friend! a definite 💯 upvote and resteem !👺👍👍👍👹

Love it mate.

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