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“What Rexxies tear with tooth and claw the Orcs shall cleave with stone,
While Minotaurs make handles for their spears from Rexxie’s bone.
The Centaur arrow’s deadly flight shall always find its mark,
And Goblin-grown explosions can shoot fire from a spark.
Broadswords, bows and knives of Men shall only kill for food;
The Unicorns must not be slain, they cannot be subdued.
When Goblins of the Western Wood shoot lightning from their hands,
The Southern Swamps absorb the strongest magic in the lands.
Weapons are but tools, as diverse as Anumün,
They cleave and kill, they slash and burn, but peace is coming soon.”

-from the Seedling Rhymes

Peacebringer 9.png

Minotaur Warrior

Splinter - Anumün

Class - Second Tank

Size - 165 Chickens

Lifespan - When nature runs its course, a Minotaur lives anywhere from fifty to eighty years, but nature in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia is somewhat… harsher and they are often killed before their time by some ferocious Dinosaur. Minotaur sorcery has never discovered any magic that prolongs life, but ironically, they have proprietary spells that shorten the lives of their enemies.

Weapon - Minotaurs make blades of expert craftsmanship, but they also make excellent use of them. Warriors and Hunters do their work with spears so long that they would throw any Human off their clumsy balance. The shafts are made from hand-carved Rexxie bones, the spearheads are crafted from Rexxie teeth, and the grips are sewn from the nearly indestructible Rexxie hide. As a matter of fact, nearly everything that Minotaurs create uses the components of a slain Rexxie.

Habitat - Minotaurs live in small tribes in the treacherous Grasslands of Primordia. They are the only intelligent monsters brave enough to live there. While others fear the tall and impenetrable grasses, the Minotaur folk see refuge in them. They can be found throughout the Splinterlands trading their weapons and wares, but never for long periods of time, for each Minotaur always returns to the Primordic grasses.

Diet - The Minotaurs provide for their families by hunting the over-abundant Rexxies. Each hunt is a terrifying experience for all involved, but a single Rexxie can feed a clan for months. In recent years, some Minotaurs have begun to experiment with eating the various plants, grasses and berries that surround their homes. These fools are quickly ousted from their clans and exiled from the grasses. Minotaurs eat meat, and the elders intend to keep it that way.

Allies - It is well known that Minotaurs are tight with the Gobsons, occasionally trading hides with them for black powder and other curiosities. In the Southern Gob Hub that sits on the edge of the Great Pit, lawless bands of Goblins, Minotaurs, Humans, Centaurs and more trade with one another in surprising relative harmony.

Enemies - Minotaurs do not trust the Humans of Lyveria. In fact, A Lyverian gentleman walking on the open road who comes upon a Minotaur is probably a dead man. Minotaurs also fear and despise all Dark Eternal beings. Too many times have these demons invaded their Grasslands, attempting to possess the souls of their great beasts. Dark Eternals are slaughtered by Minotaurs on sight, according to the Dark Eternal Dispatchment Instructions leaked by the Peacebringers of Khymeria some years ago.

Pastimes - Some nights, the parties of the Minotaurs can be heard for miles and miles. They make such raucous for their own safety; the larger meat-eating Dinosaurs always stay away from a commotion. Still, Minotaurs love to party. But don’t assume you’re invited just because you can hear it.




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