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I battle with this high-mana Ogre beast more than I'd like to admit.

The key is to demoralize the enemy... I swear, it's my favorite way to reduce the melee attack of all enemy monsters.

The stuff below may not help you win with the Molten Ogre, but it will sure shed some light on the Ogres' situation!

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Molten Ogre

Splinter - Burning Lands

Set - Essence Orb

Class - Big scary tank

Habitat - Molten Ogres live in the caves of the Burning Lands, specifically the hottest caves. They have come through a hole into the deeper Underworld of the Burning Lands, perhaps the same one that freed the infamous Exploding Dwarves. Fortunately, the Molten Ogres mostly keep to themselves, and regular Ogres prefer much cooler living conditions.

Size - At an average of 160 chickens, Molten Ogres are larger than normal Ogres, and since they are made mostly of molten rock, they are substantially heavier as well.

Lifespan - An Ogre can live for about one hundred years, similar to the lifespan of a Human. If a Molten Ogre lives for too long in cool temperatures however, it begins to rapidly age. If a Molten Ogre were dropped into the Frozen Hell (Azmare’s Ice Shelf), it would be dead and frozen in less than a week.

Weapon - Molten Ogres are terrifying in battle. What can they do, besides paralyzing an enemy with fear? They can spit a lava-bomb, they can blind an enemy with a flash flare, they can magma crush. Again, Molten Ogres are terrifying.

Diet - Like standard Ogres, Molten Ogres can eat pretty much anything, but they require more sustenance because of the sheer heat produced by their bodies. They especially enjoy fatty meats and bones; Molten Ogres are actually the main reason that Kobolds do not walk alone through the greater tunnels of the Molten Mountains.

Allies - Molten Ogres are very proud creatures, unlike the Ogres of Ogrewatch who will seemingly stoop to any level of treachery. They enjoy honor and esteem; many of them are obsessed with preparing a legacy for themselves. This is why Molten Ogres are usually happy to go to battle for the Torch. With no daylight restrictions on their species, they can even travel abroad if there is a sufficient fireproof chamber aboard the ship.

Enemies - No one knows why, but Molten Ogres despise dogs. Cerberus of the open Burning Lands are known for chasing things, but they run from Molten Ogres. Some say that the Ogres are afraid of dogs, others say it is an old Ogre superstition. In 742 AS, the armies of the Torch supported the forces of Lyveria in what has become known as the last defense of Anumün. Nobody told the Torch that there would be a battalion of Lyverian battle dogs. It took nearly every soldier from both armies to pull the Ogres and the dogs apart.

Work - Molten Ogres see it as their ancient duty to help maintain the lava flows, so they assist Magnor in his work. The entire race has even developed an uncanny respect for Magnor’s authority, likening him to the Giants who commanded their ancestors. Their workload is light, but since they are spread quite evenly throughout the deeper levels of the caves, Molten Ogres are able to effectively keep an eye on the lava passages. They have also been trained by Magnor in the basic functionings of Lava Power Plants.

Pastimes - One well-known pastime that is adored by the Molten Ogres is dice. They have dozens of dice games, many of which have become popular far away from the Burning Lands. Some of them are played by people who have never even heard of a Molten Ogre. The Ogres enjoy their own dice gambling games that use special Gorgonite dice. These dice have six faces, but show countless different symbols based on the temperature of the dice. Most Ogre games involve holding the Gorgonite dice tightly in a blazing fist before rolling. One thing to remember is that Molten Ogres always play for keeps, according to the ancient proverb of No Taksies Backsies.


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