More Splinterlands Limericks - Day 5!

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Here we are again with six new Splinterlands limericks for the day!

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I'd like to thank @Monster-mountain for featuring my limericks in their latest video. It's nice to see you guys enjoying my little rhymes! @dreamryder007, @chansetheguy!


These guys are serious about Splinterlands! Check out their show on Youtube HERE

Now the Limericks!


The Peacebringer’s always your friend,
For peace is a popular trend,
But facing him down
On the Tournament ground
Is not something I’d recommend.

Obligatory Chicken Limerick

The Chickens are coming to roost,
All squawking and fury induced,
They march brave and strong
To the beak battle song,
Like something that’s been Dr. Seussed.

Kutting Kobold Korners

There once was a Kobold named Burt,
Who hated to over-exert.
He made a device,
To cleave and to slice,
But as you can guess, he got hurt.

Exploding Dwarf

His bright fiery muscles foreboding,
Just stay away when he’s exploding,
He’s having a blast
While killing you fast,
Your confidence quickly eroding.

Poor Gremlin

The blaster was rich with mad power,
But the Nerf-bat has made him quite sour,
Redemption is lost,
And the Gremlin is tossed
In the back where he’ll cowardly cower.


I’m glad that I’m still here and Steeming.
Sometimes I just feel like I’m dreaming,
The one that’s come true
Is to love what I do,
For Splinterlands will be mainstreaming.


@CarrieAllen and @ChrisRoberts




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Dude. Normally, limericks make me laugh... but your GRATITUDE one? I got all choked up with all the feels. #same
Excellent poems. As you know, I'm very much pro-rhyme and feel one can never go wrong with a limerick.

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Hahaha, thats fantastic, love the Gratitude one!! upped 💯 and resteemed! also upped 💯 your previous Lymerick post, Happy Holidays!👍