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Eyes of metal look around,
Noticing a distant town,
Charging in a heavy bound,
Arriving quick, it takes it down.

-Humbolt Kharafax, Poet Laureate of Khymeria

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Raging Impaler

Splinter - Khmyeria

Class - Tank

Size - 290 Chickens

Lifespan - When under the ground (pre-discovery), Raging Impalers live for long periods of time in a state of hibernation. Khymian scholars say that they can remain buried for thousands of years before being awakened by a shaft of light and a breath of air. Some even say that their emergence from the ground is the time of their birth and before it, they were simply one with the Planet. Once released upon the surface of the Planet, Raging Impalers do not live long; their destructive tendencies require them to be hunted with extreme prejudice.

Weapon - Obviously, Raging Impalers do not carry weapons as such. Like many monsters, nature (and magic) has endowed them with everything they need for a solid destructive rampage. Their bodies are made of a heavy combination of conglomerate stone and a peculiar metal known as impalium. Impalium exists nowhere else in the world but in the “flesh” of a Raging Impaler, but it can be forged into some of the greatest blades the Splinterlands has ever seen.

Habitat - Raging Impalers have been found in the deepest holes all over the Splinterlands, but they are most commonly freed from the Quarry of Korlax in the Life Splinter. As the Order of the Silver Shield digs deeper and deeper, seeking valuable magical minerals, they must keep an entire battalion of Soldiers on site to protect against the rampaging beasts. Unfortunately, in the face of a charging Impaler, Silver Shield Soldiers tend to topple like Kobold bowling pins (Kobolds are notoriously angry bowlers).

Diet - The Impalers are made of metal and stone; their lives consist of speed and destruction. They do not eat, or perhaps they would be known as Grazing Impalers. Although the beasts have what appears to be a mouth, it leads nowhere; Impalers could not eat even if they wanted to.

Allies - These maniacal monsters spend their time smashing indiscriminately, not making friends. The only times they are docile or controlled are when they are called to a Mount Mox tournament by a skilled summoner. Some of the more advanced summoners can even convince one of these beasts to occasionally be seated. Impalers are not known to ever sleep, but the Magi of the Forest possesses the special ability to coax them into slumber. A sleeping Impaler is quite a sight to behold.

Enemies - It is an Impaler’s instinct to always go after the brightest and shiniest creatures first. If you’re wearing reflective clothing on a sunny day, you may be the Raging Impaler’s closest enemy. Tread lightly. They also like to go for things that flutter and flap, like flags, banners and baggy clothing. This is why Khymians traveling openly near the Quarries of Korlax tie extra cords tightly around their tunics.

Pastimes - Once they emerge from underground, Raging Impalers put their heads down and run. They don’t stop running until they are destroyed, summoned, or simply run into the ocean and sink. Strangely, they seem to prefer to run into things over running in open space. The more agitated they become, the harder they run, and they do not get tired.

History - In the days that followed the Splintering, the world was new and the future was uncertain. The land of the Khymians had been surrounded by great mountains, torn asunder by new canyons and separated from the rest of the lands of the living.

In the third year after the Splintering, the great Silver Shield of legend was discovered in the depths of a new crevasse. The Shield which was created by the hands of Khymia herself and had been lost for a thousand years was now delivered once and for all to the chosen people of Khymeria. The discovery was made by a young Khymian named Perius Korlax, a hero who risked everything to bring the Silver Shield home, but that is another story. Korlax was certain that once the Silver Shield was united with the great Silver Sword of Alterius Luminos, the salvation of Khymeria would be at hand.

Korlax brought the Silver Shield to what remained of the Temple at Khymeve, where he learned that, during the Splintering, the Silver Sword had been tragically lost. It seemed that the legendary pair was never meant to be together, and salvation was further away than ever.

Some fifteen years later, the Order of the Silver Shield was founded and some semblance of order was restored to the land of Khymeria. Perius Korlax had drifted away from recognition; he was now working in the quarries outside Khymeve, mining the crystals and gems that were so crucial to the development of the Order.

Korlax always knew where the most valued gems were buried, so when he told the miners to go deeper, they took heed. Even when they began to hear the rumblings far below, Korlax insisted that the goal was in reach, and deeper still they dug. Finally, with a fateful stroke from the hammer of Korlax himself, the first Raging Impaler opened its eyes, stretched its limbs and exploded out of the rocky ground.




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greetings, @chrisroberts

congratulations, man!

Such a cool looking card, shame it's not used more.

I always imagined the raging impaler to be a creation of Zintar Mortalis that went wrong. After being rejected from the death splinter, stuck lonely and full of rage, enough to want to fight with any splinter just to release his anger.

Hi @chrisroberts, a new round of the TULIP Mania Game will start this Friday. As a player in the first round, I hope you will join in again. Thanks from game master @Busbecq.