Splinterlands Christmas Limericks!

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Merry Christmas, Splintral Warriors!

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Here are some quick holiday Splinterlands limericks for you! I hope you all have a relaxing and joyful holiday season and a happy, profitable new year!

Splinterlands Christmas

Splinterlands Christmas is here,
The happiest time of the year,
The markets will roll
And our hearts will be full;
So holiday, battle and cheer!

PJ = Prince Julian

The monsters are holiday dining,
While Christmas stars brightly are shining,
But PJ will trigger
The players with bigger
Accounts; they are constantly whining.

Cards, Cards, Cards

The presents we all wish to see,
Are boosters and potions for free,
So this holiday,
Give the gift that can pay,
Cram Splinterlands under your tree.

The Moon

The new year will be here so soon,
The moment is so opportune;
We’re soaring through space,
To find a good place
On the face of the Splinterlands moon.

Speaking of the Moon...

Which moon is gonna come first
When a million more cards are dispersed?
Splintertalk? Shares?
Maybe card value flares...
You’ve got some nice savings at worst.

Obligatory Christmas Chicken Limerick

The Splinterlands monsters parade,
But the Chickens are throwing some shade.
Holiday cheer
Can be heard loud and clear,
But the Cluckening will not be swayed.


@CarrieAllen and @ChrisRoberts




Wesołych Świąt!

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Hahaha, those are some fantastic Christmas Lyrics my friend and fellow Knight, hope you guys had an awesome Christmas! Im glad 2019 is over it was my worst year ever... Cant wait for 2020 Lets Go Go Go!!👍👹😍🎉🚀 upped 💯 and resteemed