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RE: Uniswap, Hard Fork Delay, & Other Updates

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Receiving LP Rewards
Shortly after each of the three 30-day periods (but not before the first land presale goes live) the land plot rewards will be available to claim by anyone who has participated in the liquidity pool during the period.

Will this be in game?


It will be through the Splinterlands website, yes. The original post had some more information:

At the end of each of the 30 day periods there will be an option on the Splinterlands website for participants to claim their rewards. Claiming the rewards will require signing a message with the private keys of the Ethereum wallet that has provided liquidity to the pool over the past 30 days. If that sounds complicated, don't worry - there will just be a simple button to press which will pop up a Metamask window (or web3 Ethereum wallet of your choice) that will allow you to sign the message and get your rewards.