Daily Reward for 4.17

in #splinterlands2 months ago

The daily quest today was to win 5 battles using monsters from my favorite splinter - Water splinter. This one is usually a pretty easy one for me, and today's went by pretty quickly although I did have two losses while completing the quest.
This time I used mostly magical monsters as I usually do when playing Water splinter, but I switched from my usual tank, Serpent of Eld, to the cheaper Spineback Turtle to see if that worked better. While using this cheaper tank, I was more easily able to afford using my higher Mana cost magic monsters like Captain's Ghost and Sea Genie.

I was pretty pleased with how it worked out, so I may stick to using the Spineback Turtle for low and mid-range Mana cap battles while saving the Serpent of Eld for the higher Mana cap battles.
My reward for completing the quest was not all that great - just 15 DEC. On the one hand, at least it wasn't another potion. But on the other hand, I'm pretty sure the potions are actually worth more than that, even if I can't sell them...


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