Splinterlands Power Limits - Failure

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Can you please help me understand again why I'm being punished because of bots (again)? Clearly I didn't spend enough money or time (or STEEM/SBD/Hive/HBD) investing in SteemMonsters Splinterlands and therefore must now be punished because of the new bots that are apparently plaguing the only remaining value on Steem Hive.

If I'm ranked 2387, how many bot accounts are higher than mine?
How long have the bots been active?
How many games have they played? Won vs. Lost? Percentage of wins?
How many real users have similar wins & Losses / percentage of wins?

Is there really nothing else that can be used to measure and rank? Or is this just an excuse to create a pay-to-play environment?


By the way, in case anyone is questioning my frustrations, I'm not just being a negative upset player. Here is evidence of my support of Steemmonsters from the onset:

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