"DEC" Tokens Are Smashing it Right Now!

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I'm so happy Splinterlands is living up to all expectations and beyond. After I first discovered how the mechanics of the game work over a year back and caught the wave of addiction it can cause for a player, I assumed this would be a winning ticket for the STEEM blockchain. And it most definitely hasn't disappointed. The overall polish, slick interface and stylish graphics have gone on to mesmerize thousands more over time. Oh, I also forget to mention. You can earn crypto playing too!


There are, in fact, numerous ways to bag yourselves some tidy remuneration whilst interacting on the Splinterlands platform, however I'll only be referring to one of them in particular. Thanks to the introduction of in-game currency DEC, we've got a token which can be accumulated and traded straight on the Steem-engine platform too. But as more and more players arrive, so does the demand for the token. And it's certainly being reflected in the price.

First off, a big congratulations are in order for reaching a staggering $2.2 million marketcap for Splinterlands. Every dollar of it being a respectful testament to the hard work and dedication of @aggroed and @yabapmatt for putting together such an awesome product for us in the first place. But yeah, this is also causing DEC to go up in price. I checked Steem-Engine yesterday and saw it reach the an incredible 0.306 STEEM! Awesome! I managed to buy my stash of DEC at around the 0.23x to 0.24x range. But given the potential player base as well as the limited supply of tokens, this price could easily go much higher.

It's crazy because Splinterlands is fast growing it's own unique community, separate even from Steemit itself. It's only a matter of time until we get organised Splinterlands events that will attract players from all around the world, similar to the famous "Steemfest". I see an exceedingly bright future in this project hence reckon it also makes sound sense to invest in it too. The cards can very easily go up in value too in addition to the tournament rewards and, of course, DEC tokens.

I'm currently sitting at near half a million DEC right now and plan on only increasing that number. Hope you guys do the same, be it by acquiring new cards to upgrade your existing collection or simply participating in tournaments. What an killer Dapp we have on the STEEM blockchain. Just loving it!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


lol you making me regret burning my DEC for orb cards but I really want to complete my collection of all those cards before I worry about stacking DEC! It really has been a game changer I’ve been playing the game for a while now invested like 20 bucks and my deck is worth 90 now not bad for a game I play on and off each day

If the mobile app finally launches I think it’s going to really kick off its popularity and we early adopters will be smiling once the demand for cards spike as well as DEC

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Glad you see the potential at play here too. Best of luck in building up a great collection. :)

It's more of a lotto "strategy" but using your DEC can pay off huge. Take a look at this discussion from discord last week.

I should have probably held on to the 250k I bought but ended up getting some Orbs with the bonus packs. I have been holding since!

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It's all good, man. You got a very nice collection of cards already. Build up your DEC again. :)

Silly Me I bought some more Cards this Morning. I can't just Sit there and Not put some of my other Crypto to Work............
I Can't Believe some of the Cards and The Price Increases lately @ezzy

I know, man. Prices are insane from when these cards first came out on the market.

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