Playing Splinterlands. Share Your Battle. Theme No Attack.

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Hey All.

Today I'm back again with a Splinterlands battle post.

This post is to participate the weekly share your battle contest organised by @splinterlands team.

This week's challenge is, you have to use a card which don't attacks. Just keeps standing and takes all the attacks by standing.
And for that I choose the Gelatinous Cube. I like this no attack card for its Scavenger ability.

Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cube (1).png



With the help of this ability, The Cube can rise it's life level whenever any of the friendly and enemy monsters knocks out.

My battle link:



Screenshot (164).png


Screenshot (165).png

@splinterlands has asked some questions about the battle I'll share.

Here are my answers.

My Lineup:

I used the Cube in the first position to take all the damage and let the friendly monsters attack. Also it was a no melee battle and I was sure that the enemy will use magic and range cards. That's why I used the Prismatic Energy card in second position. Because, for it's Magic Reflect ability this card is really dangerous for any other cards.

Prismatic Energy

Prismatic Energy.png

Ability Magic Reflect:


And I used the Boogeyman in the third position. I mostly use this card because of it's Ability.



Ability Slow


And after three of them I used my range attack monsters. Because range attack cards are well to be used in last.

My Strategy:

Yes, my strategy worked successfully and I've won the battle.

Using No Attack Monsters

Yeah, I use no attack monsters often mainly the Cube.

Hope you enjoyed my battle and post.

Thank You.


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