I Bougth more 100 Untamed Packs now!!!!

in splinterlands •  2 months ago  (edited)

Greetings, people from @battlegames, @steem-ace and @steemmonsters

Today, just now, I bought 100 more Untamed Packs. However, as a bonus, I won 10 more packs for buying 100 at a time. It is a promotion of the SteemMonsters website. Take a look here:

comprei packs.png

As you can see in the picture, I spent 1716 steem to buy the 100 packs. I had already purchased 527 Untamed Packs previously.

Now look how it went:

637 opened.png

In total I bought 637 Untamed Packs and I have 110 to open. I will open them now and make a video about it. I hope I get some good golden cards at this opening and other cards to increase the power of my deck. I have 100% gold and legendary potions to open them all. They help a lot !!!

Thank you all and good game !!!!

yoda steemmonsters.jpeg

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Excelent, congratulations, dear @julisavio

thank you

thank you, dear @renatahelena

Wow you are really releasing your wallet onto these packs :D

I am slowly just buying them, about 1-5 packs a day.

thank you, man!!!

Good luck for pack opening! You can Also purchase untamed packs more cheap (i think $1.5)... Check @exyle post from yesterday 😉

thank you, man!!!