My new reward cards!!!! A lots of chests????

in #splinterlands8 months ago

Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @battlegames, @splinterlands and @steem-ace

As you can see, the daily rewards have changed in the game. We are winning several chests, according to the league we are in.

If I'm not mistaken, we have a 33% chance to draw cards or the other 2 potions. the remaining 1% is what catches my attention which is to earn 50000 decs. Imagine we can achieve this at the end of a season, since we will win more chests ???

Look at what I received today:

novas recompensas.png

As you can see, 3 cards, potions and decs. I like a lot this idea that this chests give decs to us!!!

Let's cheer for 1 chest with 50000 decs!!!!!

Thank you all and have a good game!!!