My First Loot Chest - Stardate 02-04-2020 In the year of our Lord

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First (Earth) Quest of the new Season; Loot Chest!

Twenty Two Battles (with no Flees!) to Return to Gold II


My first 8 battles were to complete my Earth Quest. Both @trevorlp97 and @pippocollasso gave me some !monster humility lessons. Also - used Brownie during a Reverse Speed match. :( Yet again. I don't know why I struggle so hard at that rule. Except that faster is always better, yes? (No. Not in Reverse Speed matches.)


The next 14 battles were to achieve ~150 rating to get up to Gold II for a better Loot Chest. Included losing 4 in a row... but then I finally got on a streak and pulled it off.


Featured Battle

I very much dislike battling against the Flesh Golem. This time I prevailed. :)

My Very First Ever Loot Box (Level 8)

This is what was revealed after I clicked on 'Claim My Reward':

And then, this is the cool (very Common) stuffs I got when I flipped the cards:


Closing Thoughts

Uninspiring Commons.... I mean, they're great and all, and I'll use them to continue leveling up my cards. But not the Most Amazing First Loot Box Ever that I had been hoping to include in this blog post. :) Hopefully those 6 Legendary Potions will improve my flips. Next time. And maybe I'll share more about our mighty mighty Bone Crushers Guild led by @ceptocide555 and @smukkers. Until then....

Thanks for reading. :)

And, for anyone interested in getting started playing Splinterlands, check it out here today:


Good Magnor !monster win. And great shoutout to the Bone Crushers Guild. I hope you get Legendaries with those potions.


Hahaha.. it's not a bad pull at all, the cubes is cool. Im a bit lucky to get 2 death rares on my first loot today

Two Death Rares — great. :) Yes, I'm happy to get any new !monster cards. Just wouldn't mind getting different ones next time since I'm mostly leveled up as high as I can currently summon on these. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting! Looking forward to checking out your content, too. (Already peeked.)



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