30 Day Challenge 30,000 DEC Prize Pool! This January!

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Calling All Bronze Splinterlands Players!
It's a body slam, throw down competition of who can beat me the most in Bronze Splinterlands Challenges. Each day I twitch during January if you beat me in bronze you score a victory point for the day. Get the most victory points and you win!! (15 places paid)

Here is the twitch and even if you don't beat me you'll score a 100 DEC prize for trying that day. 4pm Central

Special Note: This doesn't mean I'll be at twitch every day this month :)

Join in the action now as only one day of challenges has unfolded.

Victory Point Leaderboard
Shenan 1
Martind1337 1
Elclements 2
Byzantinist 2
Bitius 1
Wile-e-peyote 1
Jemmarti 1
Splinterlands-RU 1
Cornavirus 2
thegcc 2
rondonshneezy 1
grosh 1
andrea97 1


1st place 10,000 DEC
2nd place 5,000 DEC
3rd place 3,000 DEC
4th place - 15th place 1,000 DEC

Don't have a bronze deck? You're in luck-

Want to purchase the cards? You're in even more luck! Get the MAXIMUM cash back rewards in the industry with your purchases:


Thanks Marcus! Enjoying the streams!

Thanks for commenting. I'll see ya at the next twitch. Probably not today Monday though :)

I had a nice and exciting time.It was nice to watch and play.Thanks.

Hello Marcus! How are you?

How ended this?

I received 1000 DEC a few minutes ago. I had 3 wins with the one the last week 😁