Building Your First Splinterlands Deck - for the Beginner - Novice Strategy

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How to Get the Most from the Least Expense - Starting Out

After a little play testing, advice from blackheart1, and some logic, here is advice on building your first deck.
Blackheart1 advised first think fire then water based on what colors are available.

Advice for first cards:

Here is the beauty, drake can summon any color if dragon is available and besides pyre the others are neutral and can be used with any color. The first color we'll go after is red.

Needed for red beginner is serpentine spy, naga fire wizard, kobold miner, fire elemental, pyromancer, living lava, ferexia general, and pyromaniac

That's it and all we spent was $4.77

Things to know are that the ooze helps you gain a speed advantage over your opponent. The chicken can be used anytime you have an open slot because he is zero mana. The halfling will cut your opponents attack in half. Drake helps keep your vulnerable red guys alive with adding +1 armor. Sandworm beats on your opponent on the back of his lineup because of sneak. Pyre helps gain a speed advantage as well and attacking first can make the difference between winning and losing.

The next build would use the blue summoner and you're on your way:


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Thanks for sharing this content

You're most welcome hope I can help more in the future!

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