Hi folks just posting the RESULTS of the Splinterlands Post Contest

in #splinterlandslast month


All posts were appreciated and I hope I created a place for you to share your posts for exposure and
upvotes in channel #hiveblog of the discord:

I think I got a chance to upvote them all

Big Investment in Crypto score 141
Splinterlands Good Investment 140
Análise de 3 cartas com 5 mana #Análise #1 an in depth view of 5 mana cards, all Splinterlands Score 139

I'll need your splinterlands usernames to award prizes please, get them in discord would be great

They were all great posts and I mean that
Here is some of what I based my voting on, there were two judges

The Return of Crypto Spore 50

A big investment in crypto gaming 58

My Splinterlands Self Challenge 56

Spring Training Tournament interesting graphic, short 55

Splinterlands Dice informative 53

splinterlands introduction and wiki 55

splinterlands good investment informative multi lingual 55

dec step by step guide detailed how to with graphics 58

concurso- graphics, little short, please make it multi lingual 48

unexpected crypto journey nice referrence to community, good amount of graphics

I got my first nft, multilingual, graphics, how to 57

spineback battle of the week, looks like a regular thing, cool graphic, compact easy

attendance at hive nice topic, bi lingual, pictures 57

splinterlands self challenge regular thing, pictures 53

battle mushroom seer- pictures, ok length 53

share your battle mushroom seer, some interesting graphics, branding of little character 55

journey and splinterlands trivia- 56 journaling personal journey, how to

3 card five mana- please make bilingual, fresh pictures 53


Congrats Winners!


congrats all