Splinterlands Live Help 911 3pm Central Free DEC for Real - 05/22/2021

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This is how easy it is to earn 100 DEC free! You enter the twitch and ask a question
about splinterlands. Tell me your splinterlands username and you're done.


I only ask that you stay logged in and show support for the upcoming challenges
You are not required to stay but I'd like you on board with the project.
I'll go up to a 2,000 DEC budget with the questions. If your question is extra spectacular in helping beginning players you'll be awarded bonus dec. Popular vote will decide.


Need a power boost? I can help some free. We can do it live!
I only ask that if you no longer need the card delegation to let me know so I can
give the card lease to someone else.


Take your chance at winning an alpha gold clay golem by submitting a bronze or novice
challenge to username cardauctionz.com


Strategy Guide:

Remember that you will often see great lineups as people work to beat me.
An outstanding player has been attending the streams.


My thoughts and opinions. Beginning players won't benefit so much by submitting a challenge against me if they have little chance of winning. Thus, the question format is here. Those challenges that do come in will show quality lineups for
people to learn strategy. Consolation wins are being replaced by asking a question.

I find my opening graphic on this post a little humorous and I'll leave you with some
more humor. Below is me waiting for my twitch following to reach 1,000

I include clash royale matches in the stream so that we have a splinterlands clan
represented at the game. I'm a good player at the game, I didn't say great, so I
think it works. Feel free to offer suggestions in the comments. Clash Royale has a
larger player base currently, but, in time, I'm sure splinterlands will outperform
them with your help.


If you need to reach me here you go:

Join Splinterlands Free



Nice, looking forward to the stream :)

Thanks for your support bud! Close to my heart the ol stream is.