End of the season!!!!

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Hello Splinterfriends. This is my first post about Splinterlands. I never thought that I could enjoy playing card games, but this one has become something very personal.

Honestly, I played at first because I HAD TO WIN. I thought " How card can it be? And yes, it has been hard and frustrating.

I was so bad playing the game, I believe is incredibly hard for novices to start winning consistently. I'm infinite grateful to


and so many people that delegated me cards and helped me!

It's not about having better cards, I've win now with the same cards I lose all the time. Of course, there's a point where you need a stronger deck. But Rookie, cheer up. It's possible!!!!

How did I made it? My graphic roadmap


I made it this season to Gold League. And I got 22 chests (one rare card, 156 DEC, 6 alchemy potions, 7 legendary potions)


I'm not competitive there. All of my cards are level 1, and I still have the basic summoners. I'm putting my eyes and all my DEC savings to buy Zaku and Llama summoners. That will be the first big cards I will buy.


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