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RE: "Splinterlands" Power Strategy Tips #67

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Another great and long post from you, upvoted accordingly.

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Monster Upvote SPT (

Delegate SPT to @Monster-Curator with LeoDEX or Hive Engine and earn daily SPT payouts.
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Thanks dude. Hey, when I converted the nice ~ 4000 SPT into Hive I believe I took a significant loss. Is that common? As I wrote about in this post, I am now trying to minimize the conversions (like using the Hive payouts from my posts to buy the swap.btc INSTEAD of convverting from DEC to Hive to swap.btc. I'm afraid I may be losing a significant amount of your upvotes from these posts. When I sell the token no Hive-Engine I am simply choosing the "minimum offer" amount they supply. Am I screwing myself by doing that? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks for your support.

That's basic exchange 1-0-1: Don't sell to the buy wall or accept the lower value. SPT has very little liquidity and the demand is also low, hence the buy wall is FAR below the sell wall. Just put up your SPT slightly lower than the cheapest sale and you are good (although it might take a moment to sell).

The difference is currently 30%, which is massive.

I believe you're right, because one time I did what you suggested, and got more value. I just ASS-umed that what the system offers is the best price. I will try it the other way next time around. I've heard you can also STAKE the SPT. Would it be advantageous in any way for me to do that? If so, why? Thanks again.

Actually, that is what WE are all about: Stake SPT, delegate it all to us, let us do the work and you get 100% of the curation rewards created with your stake with a daily payout. Considering that SPT will get an actual usecase for fanart skin NFTs in the future it might be a better idea than merely selling it.

Okay, I ha 255 SPT laying in there, and justed staked i. How much income (and in what form (ex. Hive, DEC, etc.) do you estimate one could get from, let's say, staking 4,000 SPT per month?

Screenshot (5307).png

Well, the current APY with SPT curation is about ~45% in SPT tokens, which will shrink over time. This is true for small and large stakes. The value of SPT to HIVE has shown an upwards trend and growing steadily. So there are a lot of good reasons to just let it sit and not think about how much money you can earn with by not selling it right away. Impossible to project one year ahead anyways.


Okay, I'll stake all of it over the next month, monitor the results, and then choose to continue or not for additional months. Thanks.