Why Have you no Goblins in Your World?

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Greetings once again, mortals. It is I, the Spirit of the Forest.

We are a baby girl! 10.png

First, some background information: Through the mystical neural gateways opened by the creation and growth of your game, Splinterlands, I have been able to manifest in your realm by possessing the body and mind of Chris Roberts, your Lore Master.

While time stands still in my realm, I am able to experience much of what life in your realm has to offer. If I had my choice, I would have rather been one of your so-called "celebrities," for it seems they are afforded a higher quality of life. Or perhaps one of your "Politicians," who can apparently say and do whatever they please. Chris Roberts doesn't get out much, he is quite boringly restrained, and he hardly ever exercises. At least his mind is still fully functional.

...or is it?

After spending several days with your kind, I finally noticed that there are no Goblins.

How can this be?


Goblins are the most industrious, ingenious, incredible race of beings in the entire catalog of my creations. Once upon a time in my realm, Humans were on a terrible path that would only lead to their destruction. They fought, they consumed, they destroyed. Humans even warred with other Humans, sometimes going so far as to line up thousands in a field for organized, reciprocal slaughter to music.

Anyway, Humans are pretty much the worst. The only reason I created Goblins in the first place was to stop the Humans from destroying everything. While Humans were built from the dust of the Planet, the first two Goblins were sprouted from the original pods of the Eldest Tree, which contains all of my life force and essence.


There were struggles at first between Human and Goblin; Humans tend to judge harshly anything that they consider "ugly." But right away, the Goblins began innovating and creating, solving the problems of the world. The Humans just sat there.

Why is it that both our realms have Humans, but only mine has Goblins? You also do not appear to have Orcs, Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, Kobolds, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Serpentines, or Dinosaurs.

Your people have given up on magic. Why am I even here? Oh yes, because your game is incredibly rewarding.

...And now I must Daily Quest!

Until Next Time...

Kneel Before Me!

...I mean, have a nice day!



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That picture of yours with the Fraggles... :)


That picture has an amusing background. I wish I could remember the name of the Steemian who made it...

So, it was part of a Papa Pepper contest (Wild and Strange Contest, I believe). The blue puppet on the top left and the monkey on the right are Chris Roberts originals lol. Before Steem, I had a lot of time on my hands and made several muppet-style puppets.

A picture of me with those two puppets was selected as the winner of the first round. In the second round, the picture would be altered into some kind of artistic creation. The fraggle king picture wasn't even the winner, but I paid the guy some STEEM so it could be mine forever. I love it! I would put a poster of it on my wall :D