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SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! And here I am once again to share one of my battles in this great initiative of the splinterlands team, Last weeks share your battle contest showcased The Silvershield Assassin. You can see my post by clicking here Silvershield Assassin and the theme for this weekly challenge is Naga Windmaster. #splinterlands

Naga Windmaster Game



Since they are an amphibious people, Naga of the Water Splinter generally prefer to live under the waves, where life is decidedly easier to control. Still, some of the most rebellious of the gilled have decided to make their homes in the open air. These Wind Naga have taken a special interest in the air itself, which they find easier to manipulate with their magic than the waters below. Some of the Wind Naga have developed strong magical abilities that harness the powers of the wind and air. They are one of the only forces in the Splinterlands that can halt a Dragon in flight. They are known as Naga Windmasters.


  • Why did I use these cards?

    • DELWYN DRAGONSCALE just to show the first card I bought, FROZEN SOLDIER for its ability to reduce damage this can give you an advantage of 1 or 2 turns, SEA GENIE, MEDUSA and ENCHANTED PIXIE it is from these three that most damage will be dealt with the summoner's +1 magic attack buff, NAGA WINDMASTER causing damage and with a debuff reduces the ranged attack of all enemy monsters and FURIOUS CHICKEN to distract an enemy monsters.
  • Did your strategy work?

    • Of course FROZEN SOLDIER stood his ground giving the necessary time for others to do the damage necessary to win the battle
  • Do you use the NAGA WINDMASTER?

    • yes whenever possible

My line up



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