Statistic comparaison between the current and last Season

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The rank registered on the previous season was so beneficial that I could not think that the current update will keep me out of the champion league. The adventures continue on the board game.

rank position.png


The season started since last week and our progression in the rank battle ring is as slow as turtle race. We are making small progress even though our pack of cards is large and diverse in its composition of monsters. The adversary levels are definitively higher than before.

rank new season.png


The second and third phase of this update may present advantages for persevering players. The market of cards will explode in the coming weeks. I have too many potions. The developers are currently aware of this situation and planning some surprises.

Splinterlands game is full of surprises. The implementation of the first step update regulated the entry in the league and related features. It is time to purchase more cards in order to meet the required collection of power to rank up. The gate to the champion league is strongly guarded not only by the CP but also powerful max level gold cards players.



My set of cards demand more summoner than I fought two months ago.

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