Steemmonsters – I Finally Took the Plunge!

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Gaming and Me

I have been into gaming since long and some of my favorites include first-person shooter games, car-racing, strategy and so on. One of the interesting strategy games that I had come across would be clash-of-clans in the recent past. Most of you’ll would have tried that on your mobile and would know how addictive it is, isn’t it?

But what about the decentralized world?


Decentralized Gaming World

There have been quite a lot of favorites here too. What I mean by “here” is Steem as that is the first of the decentralized world that I really tasted. So, most of the games were the ones I played over here. Games like @steemslotgames and @drugwars are few games which continue to be my favorites and I had played them for a good amount of time. But interestingly, the first game that I really signed up into was @steemmonsters and never ever played it. How odd is that?

But after more than a year of checking out steemmonsters, I played it for the first time in true earnest yesterday and today. I have found a new addictive game, to be honest.

So, what is Steemmonsters?

Steem monsters is a decentralized digital card game which was built by a couple of Steem witnesses.
Well, there ends the official introduction. But what is it really? Well, it is a game where you can buy monster and summoner cards from the market and other users and use those cards in your game. A crude definition, but pardon me, I am just a day old playing the game. 😊

For the first-person shooter game fans like me, it is indeed a combat game but here the combat is basis the power, the health, the armor and other factors that the monsters have. Of course, there won’t be 3D battle but the pictorial representation is good enough to let you know what is really happening and who is attacking who.


If you do win, you earn point and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC. A cryptocurrency.) in the game. The best part, though, is that each of these cards and other game items can actually be traded for real money. So, you have a digital asset with which you can play, rent or even sell to earn money. Now, that is cool!

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to try your hand, you can do so here.

For the uninitiated, the above link is my referral link and you do have the choice of going straight to the site and logging in. If you feel like being kind then do use my referral link. 😊


How does Steemmonsters fair against other Games?

Well, there is no exact comparison but I will try to give you an idea. Of course, the games that I am comparing with, I am assuming that users know something about them. I will only compare with two games – Drugwars (Decentralized) and Clash of Clans (Centralized).

Steemmonsters VS Drugwars

Like I said, drugwars is the game I had started to play even before Steemmonsters and I do like the game. You can produce three resources, drugs, weapons and alcohol and use them to upgrade your infrastructure and defence. Of course, the aim is to produce more of drugs which can be converted to DWD (Drugwars crypto token) and then Steem. So, not a bad game.

The only grouse that I had with the game is that it does not show how the troops fight against each other. You start a fight, wait for the designated time and then have the results. No visual aid to know how the troops faired. Anyway, I hope they rectify that.

Here’s where Steemmonster takes the cake. You can see the combat and that helps you place your cards (monsters) in particular order to tilt the outcome in your favor. You can learn and improve.

Steemmonsters VS Clash of Clans

Well, Clash of Clans (CoC), much like Steemmonsters requires you to reccee a site (opposition in case of Steemmonsters) and choose the ideal troops to attack the site. If you fail to get the right army, you will lose the fight. But in CoC you can actually see the battle where each and every troop is visually seen moving in the battle field. While Steemmonsters does not have that kind of visual motion (or may not need it), it does comes a trifle below CoC in this regard.

But hey, there is no digital asset in CoC which you can trade for real money. Ah ha, so that’s where Steemmonster once again takes the cake. CoC does have digital assets in the form of “gems” but those are for players to buy to enhance their infrastructure and army, quickly.


So, that’s it!

That was a small article on my newly discovered game (of course, I was not the first 😊) and a small comparative.

Hope you’ll enjoyed reading it and do sprinkle some love by using my link to join, if you so choose to.

Happy Gaming!


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