Minos the Mighty Minotaur - Splinterlands Weekly Challange

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Many eons ago, I ventured into the Labyrinth and set free the Minotaur! In this alternative universe, I was Theseus! I didn't slay the beast, I offered him the chance to join me as my companion!

We traveled to the Splinterlands and spent the last centuries hunting down big dinosaurs, just for fun. As new heroes joined the adventure, the battle horn called us to action! Is time for Minos the Mighty Minotaur to swing the axe and let some rage out!


The Minotaur Warrior is an Alpha/Beta common Earth monster! I hope you don't wear a red hood, because this will make him really angry!

I never used this card until the battle challenge, as my usually choice for tank is the Nectar Queen. The Minotaur costs 4 Mana and has Reach ability. The starting HP is 2 with 3 Armor, which makes it a decent tank. It has 1 Melee Attack and 3 Speed, under my expectations for a 4 Mana card.


Battle Details and Line-up

  • Mana cap: 44

  • Rulesets(s): Armored Up +2 Armor to friendly monsters

  • Summoner: Lyanna Natura +1 HP to friendly monsters

  • Opponent: Water Splinter + 1 Spell Power

I chose the Nectar Queen as main tank for the high damage/ high HP combo and the Minotaur Warrior as second tank with Reach.

War Chaang used in 3rd position as a ranged until will reach 1st position, than melee fighter. The three monsters were backed with heal by the Wood Nymph

Mitica the Headhunter was in charge with high ranged damage, while the Sand Worm was used in the last position as the Sneak ability ignores the position on the battlefield.


Even if my opponent chose a summoner that gives +1 Spell Power, he had only 2 casters in the team! Why? School boy error!

Torhilo, the enemy tank was down in Round 2, and most of his monsters lost their extra armor. My Nectar Queen was on low health while was dealing damage with his Reach skills.


I lost the Nectar Queen while my opponent lost the Water Elemental and the Sand Worm. Then Minos the Mighty Minotaur had a last swing of the axe and joined other brave warriors in after-life!


All grinding during round 4 and 5, with damage and heal on both sides. The Wood Nymph did well to keep the War Chaang alive. The Capitan's Ghost was sent to rest in peace at the end of round 5 and now is clear who the victor will be.

The Prismatic Energy was left alone against 4 monsters, and had no chance to survive. See the full battle here!


I won the fight because my team was balanced and used fully the summoner's trait while the opponent used a spell damage booster but didn't used more casters. The balance was broken by a higher damage from my selection.

The Minotaur Warrior had his contribution, dealing damage and defending the overpowered Headhunter and Sand Worm. Probably he went to the Underworld, maybe in Valhalla, but for certain he will live in the adventurer memory (until needed again!)



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A nice victory and analysis, great use of the challenge card.

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Nice game bro. You made it. !luv !pizza

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done with the strategy.
Keep on battling.