The Big Bad Wolf will huff and puff - Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

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Once upon a time was a big bad wolf, we don't know if he had spines, spikes or thrones on his back, but he was a real troublemaker. He destroyed the pig's houses, he eat granny and he was constantly the antagonist of so many stories. Now this ancient beast came back from the graves to create more trouble and mischief in Splinterlands.


The Spineback Wolf is an ALPHA/BETA common card from the Death Splinter. This melee monster has Reach at Level One and gains Thorns at Level Five. Using an Alpha card in the team will reward extra 10% DEC rewards. The 4 Health Points, 1 Armor, 2 Attack and 6 Speed are a good set up for 5 Mana Points. I didn't had this card in my book and I asked my brother to borrow me but he is such a nice guy and bought one for me.


Death v Dragons Battle Details

Full Battle Video

Mana cap: 26

Ruleset: Broken Arrows - Ranged monsters cannot be used in this battle

Summoner: Owstell Rotwell - All friendly monster gain Reflect Magic

The Graveyard Team:

Undead Rexx - surge DPS for the phase one of the battle

Spineback Wolf - table control and delay of the endgame.

Maggots: Opportunity for low health enemies

Boogeyman : Caster with Slow ability

Fourios Chicken: Decoy and protection for the Boogeyman


The REXX did enough damage and resisted enough for the team to nuke the Goblin Mech. Once the opponent tank was down, the other monsters were under open fire from the Boogeyman and Maggots.


The Endgame was short and the enemies dropped like flies under the Boogeyman magic and the Maggots assault. The Spineback Wolf resisted and the fight was won with only loosing the Undead Rexx.


Strategy analysis

I am still getting used with the battle mechanics and monster abilities. The Spineback Wolf Reach ability allowed him to make constant damage from the 2nd position, and the high life protected the rest of the team once the Undead Rexx was down. As the game rule excluded ranged monsters, it was logical that the opponent will chose casters, and this was the reason for choosing the summoner with Reflect Magic. The strategy was the game changer, and the Reflect Magic made the difference.

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That's a nice little story there at the beginning.
Spineback Wolf is really a big bad wolf... wait, bad?
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Well done on the battlefield.