Splinterlands - giveaway for new Players [2]

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Are you a new player to Splinterlands? Competing with the only starter pack cards is very harsh. To make it easier for you, I've decided to make giveaways.

Previous giveaway post was fulfilled by 2 players only, that is why the pool raises to $1.30 in this particular giveaway.

Giveaway rules:

  • You are eligible for giveaway if your collection value is below 10$, Check it here:
    https://peakmonsters.com/@newmonster/collection [swap "newmonster" with your nickname]
  • Show me the name of the card you want to get in the comment to this post
  • Max value of desired card - $0.26 (check market prices)
  • If value of desired card is lower than $0.26, the remaining value will be added to the next giveaway post $ pool
  • First 5 players who are eligible with properly made comments will get desired cards, comment must be made before post payout (7 days)
  • You can participate every time

My account is worth about $5 apparently. I didn't know that. I've been oggling those Spark Pixies. It'd be fun to send them after someone...mwahahahahah

Sent spark Pixies :) (0.21$)

hi rafalski, I am @bluebear11, newbie in this game, current card value $0.13, I am appreciate with your give away, my desired card will be
Ettin Spearman

You will get ettin spearman from the quest.. if ai were you, I'd like to get something like sea genie, flame imp or mushroom seer. But .. you have only 1 card in your collection...

Which mean I can still get it or ?

Sent 13x Ettin :) (0.26$)

Hi @rafalski

My untamed starter account is currently valued at $ 5.61. The card I would like is a wood nymph.

In full disclosure this is an alt account that I am playing as though I am a complete newbie with no money other than the $10 to buy the untamed starter set.

I am entering as many contests as I can and so far have won some cards and DEC. My plan was to rent a Level 2 summoner with the DEC (that's all I can afford) and build from there. However, it looks like I can't rent for DEC so I'll probably sell or burn some of the cards so I can rent.

I'm not sure of the best approach yet but I need to find a way to level up a summoner and some corresponding cards without spending any money.

Anyway, if you don't want to donate to this account, given that it's an alt, that's fine. 😁

I leased you level 3 Wood Nymph.

Thank you so much @r1s2g3. That's very kind of you. 😍

Now I need to rent or a summoner that can play it.

Sent 8x Nymph :) (0.26$)

Thanks so much @rafalski. I appreciate it. I need to stop going round in circles and just jump in and start renting! 😁