I started playing a Herons Unlimited account

in splinterlands •  6 months ago 

Well, I'm playing someone else's account made possible by Herons Unlimited, anyway. It's kind of a fun challenge so far. When I got the account, it had a zero rating. Since the whole goal is to earn DEC with these accounts and then split that DEC, I made my first goal just to get up to Silver league as quickly as possible. I made it to Silver III in the first day, thanks to some win streaks.

Yesterday, I got it to Silver II and also took 5th place in a Kobold Mining Expedition tournament. The prize for that was only 500 DEC, which gets split, but it's better than nothing. Unfortunately, there just aren't all that many tournaments overall and most of them take place when I'm either asleep or away from home.

One thing about this account I'm playing is that it doesn't have all of the cards, and even at that, many of them are still at level 1. It does have some max level SEEDGerminator promo cards, which is kind of what I'll have to rely on. Because of this, daily quests may not always be easy or even possible. Yesterday, my first choice for a daily quest was the Life Splinter. On this account I'm playing, the Life Splinter cards are all level 1, which can be tricky (though not impossible) when you're in the Silver league. I decided to try my luck with a new choice, and that was a mistake. It was the Earth Splinter, and this account doesn't really have many Earth Splinter cards. I'll just have to wait until I can choose another new quest tonight.

It's really cool how the Herons Unlimited thing is set up, though. When I get rewards cards, they're automatically (and nearly immediately) sent to @ottermaker and their value in DEC is split between the owner of the account and me. I'm still on the list for and hoping to get access to a more powerful account, but I enjoy the challenge of playing this current account, which is also being upgraded pretty regularly.

We'll see!

Good luck out there!

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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