I've got over 10,000 SPT power now!

in splinterlands •  9 months ago 

Not sure what that's really worth, but it's pretty cool. I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one that thinks having so many balances that are all kinda based around Steem is... well, necessary. It's just a lot of things to keep track of, I suppose, but Steem Engine, Steem Keychain, and SteemPeak make keeping track of it simply fuss-free.

According to this post by @holger80, I'm an Orca, but I have been for a while. While I ever make it to whale status? I guess only time will tell!

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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gratz on the P O W E R - U P friend! ⚡

Thanks! I've got over 3,000 Battle powered up too! :)

Congrats! I never realised I'm probably a bit higher ranked than a minnow here either.. Just checked that list, and I'm ALMOST an orca :) probably the next payout :) yay!