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These season rewards are better than average, anyway.

Four legendary cards! A gold version of the Naga Windmaster, which is currently the only gold card I have. Mostly because I'm not even sure what it's truly worth right now. I usually just sell gold cards. Like any new card, I can't really use them until I get more of them and level them up. A sure-fire way to lose a game is to start using level 2 and 3 cards in the mix. There are a few exceptions to that, with some cards (like the Armorsmith) being useful even at low levels.

I ended up in 43rd place. I had been higher up the leaderboard in the last day, but that's how the cookie crumbled, I guess. It was good to see a few people beat out the th12-butthole accounts for the top three spots, anyway. Those accounts still did take up half of the top ten, though.

Quest Rewards

Three gold cards and a legendary! Not bad! The potions really do seem to come in handy. I got the DEC for the Alchemy one by selling the Prince Rennyn I pulled in one of the ten packs that I got for finishing in the top 50 on the leaderboard. I sold it on Peakmonsters and received something like 24,000 DEC for it. With my guild discount, that was more than enough to purchase the potion.

I've actually decided that, for a while, I need to take all of my earnings from Splinterlands and send them off to Binance and eventually to a real bank account and use them to pay real bills. One exception is going to be for potions, because I think they increase the likelihood that I can pull valuable cards.

Things are getting a little rough around Sharkland. It's almost like I was banking on things like Steem being a source of passive income and those sources keep seeming like they're drying up. I'm sure many of you can relate. At one point in my life, I really thought I had it all figured out. My cards are pretty good for the moment. Though I could definitely use more of the orb packs, I'll just have to hold off on spending my money on improving my cards for a little bit. Until I get the money straight.

Hey, here's a nice folky song about life's struggles, including financial ones. The final line is "baby, I swear one day we'll get the money straight."

And I'm serving time til I've earned the right
To go back to the place where we started from
Yeah I'm serving time til I've earned the right
Baby, I swear one day we'll get the money straight

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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