SPLINTERLANDS UPDATE: Legendary Quest Rewards, Champion III League Unlocked, More

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Fuuuuuuudge. I meant to post this yesterday. The downside to starting a post early and then kind of working on it as the day progresses is that, if you actually spend your evening away from the computer and everything, you may just forget all about it. That's what happened to me. My wife and I played some games, but physical board games, and not in my humble little office, but in our lovely living room. It was nice! Now I'm up much earlier than she would ever be barring some sort of early shift at work or a flight, and I can try to make at least a little headway on Splinterlands.

I've got a busy day ahead of me today, so I'm not sure how much I'll get in overall. We'll see!

(Yesterday's) Legendary Quest Rewards

I got a legendary card in my quest rewards today. The quest was awesome, too. It was in the Death Splinter and I managed to pull off a five-and-out quest. Well, technically, it was six matches, but my opponent fled before I was able to hit battle, so I didn't get credit for the quest. I didn't have any of this card yet, so that's cool.

Side note: I don't think people should really be able to flee any way other than by timing out, for reasons like this. I had my team picked out and almost submitted, and then the crybaby (sorry, I'm mostly joking) fled before I was able to submit it, and it was all (almost) a waste of time. You still do get the win, so it's not a total loss, but it sucks that people can just flee like that. For one thing, it's just dumb. I could've timed out and they would've won for sure. Or, I could've made poorer choices than them when selecting my team. Who know? Anything's possible! I'm certainly not unbeatable like some players seemingly are.

Champion League Unlocked!

I made it to the Champion III league. Two more to go! Not sure if I'll even make it this season. That's okay, there's always next season. I'm not in a guild, I don't have anyone to let down. It doesn't matter. :)

Another side note: Anyone else finding the Splinterlands Discord to be a little annoying lately? So much whining in there! I'd written up a big thing about it that I was going to include in this post, but then I realized I can just leave if I don't like what's going on in there. No one forces me to go in there and read the nonsense.

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Oh well done. I wish to aspire to your greatness ;)