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Plado Emberstorm is now at MAX LEVEL

Finally! This is the last of the legendary 5-mana summoners that I needed to max out. For whatever reason, I just never pulled that many of these in packs. Until the other day, mine was stuck at level 2. I bought a few then, and then I managed to get the last four that I needed today. The price is already rising on these, so I wanted to act quickly before I was paying Rennyn prices for it or even more than that.

Silvershield Bard is Also at MAX LEVEL

I'm slowly maxing out the cards from this series. It takes a while, as I have limited funds to spend on cards these days. I mostly just spend what I can earn playing the game. When there were booster packs, I definitely bought some of those any time I happened to have money in PayPal. I'm excited to see what the new cards will be like. Maybe I should start saving up to buy enough to get some bonus packs and maybe max out a few cards right away.

Pretty Decent Quest Rewards!

Today's quest was in the Life Splinter again. It's not my very favorite splinter to play all the time, but it definitely has its moments. These rewards are pretty good, though. Two gold cards, even if they're not the best cards. A legendary one that I actually need, which is always good. I'm also always glad to get any of the new cards because I haven't maxed any of them yet.

One advantage I have with this particular splinter is that I have all of the summoners maxed out.

I can only really say that for the Life and Water splinters. I don't have the 2-mana summoners maxed out for Fire, Earth, or Death.

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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