The Mystery Potion gods must have read my last post

in #splinterlands10 months ago

Because I was rewarded with this today!

I've got some charges left, so I suppose we'll see what happens. Even though I'm not playing anymore and selling my cards and shit, I still want one of those super rare Mystery Potion cards! Little Julian!

When some of my cards are off of cooldown, I may just rent some out for a while after some more thought. We'll see. Some of the ones that are worth the most, anyway. Still working that out. I've already gotten rid of a decent number of cards, but none of the really expensive ones yet. I don't have them priced super competitively or anything.

Screen Shot 20191221 at 5.59.59 AM.png

I do have 40 rewards cards coming at the end of the season, so I guess this will help out with that?

Excited to think I still stand a chance at some more airdrops, too! Maybe I'll get lucky!


Sure to get lucky

Screen Shot 20191224 at 6.41.53 AM.png


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