Splinterlands AMA Replay 29-01-2021

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Replay of the AMA with the Splinterlands devs on January 29th 2021.

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Lots of interesting questions of players, and plenty of info from the developers. If you're interested in the current state of the game and any future plans, this is the video to watch.

Note: The size of the video in this post makes the text on Discord a bit hard to read.
Visit the video on YouTube for a more clear view. (Warning: don't use the 'full screen'-option, because the text will be blurry. The regular size on YouTube, however, works just fine. Just click the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the video to go to my YouTube channel to watch the replay in decent quality.)

Timestamps to guide you through the video:
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0:33 Intro

0:54 Overview of last month: number of users, new signups, growth of the game

1:56 State of crypto and the possible effect on crypto gaming

6:31 Info about ongoing developments for Splinterlands (Guild Brawls, DAI/DEC Pool, new rental system)

12:20 Question about the fix that will allow people in Silver 1 to drop down back to Bronze after the season reset

14:23 Q: What do you envision the future SplinterTalk.io community providing for Splinterlands players? Do you think there are area's it can be used to improve engagement with the non-Discord orientated players?

19:04 Q: Can we have a peak at your lists of want-to-do's that you may have not shared?

20:16 Q: How much effort and budget splinter-lands is putting on marketing?

21:47 Q: Is it possible somehow to make the invitation to join Discord be way more visible than only the icon hidden at the bottom of the page?

23:12 Q: are there any base ratios figured out yet for different rarities of land vs their resources harvested?

25:33 Q: any updates on Ubisoft?

26:23 Q: is Splinterlands going to accept Hive-Engine tokens 'aside from LEO) for buying cards from market?

28:01 Q: Are more tournaments coming? Will you factor in the price of DEC for the prizes? Will you rotate the starting/end time for the tournaments again?

29:27 Q: I have found a few teams that hover around the 200s-400s rating.... what would be next steps on filling this space with more "new player friendly" bots, so that we have more match liquidity for new players

31:28 Q: technically speaking is Splinterlands as of today scalable to the masses?

33:14 Q: With the new land and item/spell cultivation, will the game become a full on 'pay to play' game?

38:02 Q: can the 'How-To_Play section be made more easy to find for new players?

38:48 Q: Is it more or less the plan that legendary totems would have a 100% bonus?

40:21 Q: Is there any upcoming update for mobile app?

43:16 Q: Would you consider a new player assistance program where people can contribute higher quality cards into a pool and the cards in that pool are randomly rewarded to new players?

45:43 Q: How are things going with the Noxious Fumes ruleset? FYI: Not everyone is aware that that ruleset is currently deactivated while it is debugged.

46:02 Q: what plans are there for PVE atm? If any, would lands have a large part to play in that?

50:05 Q: what additional utility will older cards gain once they're phased out?

52:10 Q: won't it complicate format options with (modern vs open) x (items vs no items)?

54:10 Q: has there been any discussion about future game style expansions after land and crafting is established?

55:36 Q: will there be any future raffles soon?

56:15 Q: when we were going to get a reveal for the next Dice airdrop?

56:33 Q: would you consider partnering with fellow hive blockchain dapps for events vimm, 3speak, dbuzz etc?

57:35 Q: Are the packs held by the Steemmonsters account packs that people bought and have sitting in game or is there still some of those available for future giveaways?

59:51 Q: how did the covid pandemic affect your plans in this year?

1:00:48 Q: can't PvE simply use up ECR and use the same DEC reward pool as ranked?

1:02:02 Q: when is next AMA?

1:02:24 Q: did you consider a rule/ability that gives trample to magic/ranged?

1:03:34 Closing


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