Splinterlands AMA Replay February 12th, 2021

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Replay of the AMA with the Splinterlands founders, recorded on February 12th 2021.(Timestamps included)

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Replay of the AMA with the founders of the Splinterlands blockchain game, recorded on February 12th 2021.

During this AMA, any questions about the current mechanics or future plans can be asked and they are answered by the Splinterlands founders to the best of their knowledge. The AMA's are a way to share ideas, get updates, give feedback etc. on things that are happening or are going to happen some time in the future.

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Timestamps to guide you through the video:
(These timestamps are clickable on the YouTube site for easy navigation.)

3:13 Info about the upcoming DygyCon event (March 13th, 2021)

15:05 Q: Will splinterlands go to the real world and bring more people to splinterlands?

16:07 Q: Will SPT be integrated in Splinterlands anytime soon or is it a lost promise?

18:36 Q: Some players were complaining about how the official market price feed (based on the two Uniswap pools) differed from Steem Engine and Hive Engine. Furthermore, the high ETH gas fees are suppressing normal market arbitrage.
What are your thoughts regarding this situation?

24:15 Q: What is the purpose of Diamond League? And why does it have the exact same summoner level limits as Champion League?

25:49 Q: What is the purpose of the Diamond League leaderboard?

28:57 Q: What is the purpose of Diamond League tournaments, especially since they mainly benefit Champion league players and not Diamond league players?

31:07 Q: Why can't we have monsters with same speed attacking at the same time instead of having it luck based? It doesn't exactly have to be the same time, just have the monster death and status effects take place after all the same speed monsters have gone.

35:25 Q: Is splinterlands gonna be an rpg game? What is land for?

40:44 Q: Aggroed, some people were wondering why you bought so many cards yesterday? (And were spinning the conspiracy theory that you were doing this to boost the market cap.

41:41 Q: Can we have a button to undeligate cards that have been sent to us? I want to send cards back to the card owners without needing the card owner to take action.

43:24 Q: When will the Praetorian map be released?

44:08 Q: What about making a RUNE : DEC pool on Binance Smart Chain as more and more people are going there?

46:37 Q: With the upcoming uniswap-style HIVE/DEC (diesel) pool on Hive Engine, will there be rewards for that?
Will the uniswap reward pool be decreased further (to create rewards for HIVE/DEC)? Or will there be more DEC inflation to generate the rewards?

47:45 Q: Whats with this weird decimal places thing? Just a glitch/bug?

48:42 Q: This past week there was talk about whether a player appears at the top or bottom of the screen, and how certain game operations (like Earthquake and Noxious Fumes) are always applied to one player first. And then rumors about how top/bottom position is not randomized but depends on which player was searching for a match first (which may have implications when it comes to bots).
Can you explain more about how this mechanic currently works?

49:51 Q: How different does the amount of people in each league look these days vs before collection power was released?

50:42 Q: Wouldn't it make sense then to separate the Diamond and Champion players for this (separating out Diamond tournaments away from Champion players)?

53:59 Q: Did you guys start working on lands? Any update?

54:26 Q: Are spells and/or items single use?

55:21 Q: Are you guys still in Ubisoft lab?

56:50 Q: Who are the purchasers of all the boss monsters? (1. flauwy, 2. randolph sold to someone else (cryptoeater), 3. aggroed, is it public who 4. and 5 are?). (cryptomancer and exyle are the others.)
And what is the priority list for which gets implemented first?

57:27 Q: Can you make the decimals/commas bigger? And can you add an option for a European style setting option (as opposed to U.S. notation)?

58:17 Q: When is the next crop of Splinterlands interns (Splinterns) coming? And will they actually produce something useful for the community this time around?

58:34 Q: 'When pancake'? Binance (bsc) defi pools

59:20 Q: Finally, next AMA?

I hope you got some interesting info out of this AMA and will tune in again next week.


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You cowardly and pathetically deliberate liar. Remember when I asked what you were promised all that time ago now? Of course it's completely obvious. You got those special admin keys now. But that was always going to happen with African Dave - he loves his team of big spenders, while pretending that he gives a single F*** about the "little people". That is all complete BS. He only wants them as slaves and nothing else.

So be a slave for your cheat queen and master, even though it goes against your so-called" principles".

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Interesting summary I don't participate in the AMA and I don't see the lives, because of not knowing English I don't understand people speaking. I can understand only text and do not speak.

But some points caught my attention:

40:44 What account did Aggroed use to buy the cards? and why he bought the cards. did he answer that?

47:45 about decimals, however simple it seems, it bothers me a little.

I will try to see if the YouTube translation service provides me with these answers although the translation is not always good :)

Usually aggroed buys cards from his smalp account.
His answer was that he just likes his own game and likes to buy cards

About the decimals: they would put it on the list to do, but it is not a priority.

o/0 a large amount of cards
is a curious answer, more of a somewhat comprehensive
Thank you for the explanation :)

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