Splinterlands AMA Replay March 19th, 2021

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Replay of the AMA with the Splinterlands founders, recorded on March 19th 2021.(Timestamps included)

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Replay of the AMA with the founders of the Splinterlands blockchain game, recorded on March 19th 2021.

During this AMA, any questions about the current mechanics or future plans can be asked and they are answered by the Splinterlands founders to the best of their knowledge. The AMA's are a way to share ideas, get updates, give feedback etc. on things that are happening or are going to happen some time in the future.

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Note: The size of the video in this post makes the text on Discord a bit hard to read.
Visit the video on YouTube for a more clear view. (Warning: don't use the 'full screen'-option, because the text will be blurry. The regular size on YouTube, however, works just fine. Just click the YouTube logo at the bottom right of the video to go to my YouTube channel to watch the replay in decent quality.)

Timestamps to guide you through the video:
(These timestamps are clickable on the YouTube site for easy navigation.)

2:00​ General introduction

3:57​ I bought a skin for a card and would like to set it as my desktop background. Is there a way to access the skins I've purchased in full size?

4:41​ Is the SL team concerned at all with current state of Splinterlands competition or the current core game? Especially in the Champion Rank?

11:15​ Was there a final decision on how Diesel Rewards work and if that impacts Uniswap rewards by drawing from the same pool?

13:25​ Although Diesel Rewards and Cub Pool are now added, will the official Splinterlands DEC market feed still only use uniswap prices (weighted between DAI and ETH)?

16:00​ What's seed+A role that you have? Is it from the seed germinator thing?

16:37​ Can you give a little more info on what exactly will happen when the brawl on testnet goes live?

19:32​ What's the update/timeline for the Horror promo packs?

19:57​ How viable is it for Splinterlands to introduce Horror alt skins for the 6 cards featured?

20:42​ Is there anything to do about Yodin? It breaks the game, the win/lose ratio is crystal clear, and it's getting to the point where I'm gonna have to decide to either buy a yodin or quit the game

22:17​ WHEN BRAWLER???

23:01​ Approx how much dec from pack purchases is allocated towards tournaments? Where are the rest of the dec going towards?

24:32​ Is there something in the works to get DEC (and maybe Hive) in the NFT & Collectibles tag on CMC?

25:08​ Lower level players will again get less benefits, then?

25:54​ Can you talk about the new partnership/marketing plan you thought would be happening this week or next?

26:26​ What are plans for THIRD DYGYCON? Are there post-mortum updates on how the second DYGYCON went?

27:11​ Will there be another land sale?

27:55​ When will exclusive tournament be hosted for the pros and those who beat them?

28:31​ Will the new rental system have notifications? For example, if it can't find a card under the max price you have set it to rent for.

29:05​ GAME tournament for NEW PLAYERS ONLY (particularly those who have been playing for 3 months or less)

29:21​ When assets are sold on the atomic market there is a 5% fee, does any of that go to you?

29:59​ Could quests also be based on finishing condition, instead of starting condition?

30:47​ Is there any way you could add Summoner Abilities to the summoner graphic during battles?

31:31​ Any chance to increase time to select team before tournament match from 2 to 20min at last for some of them?

34:07​ Since another month of tournaments are up: When are you going to fix the "exploit" of people signing up for a tournament when in one league but then being in a different league (higher or lower, with a higher entry fee) when the tournament starts? This largely bypasses the intent of having different entry fees for different leagues.

35:20​ Aggy can you mention the Spring Training Tournaments so that people know you liked the idea?

36:25​ Are there plans to add any additional quests and/or an achievement system?

37:11​ So with Guild Brawl, what are the main benefits in participating other than bragging rights? You earn Crowns, upgrade Barracks, get Gladiators, buy stuff from the Shop (which is for the Guild, not individuals) but all of that seems self-contained within the Brawl system.
Are there benefits (DEC, special cards, etc.) that you earn that are used outside of Brawl, that you get from Brawl?

38:37​ Can you discuss how many new players are joining, I know we've seen a big increase in the last 30 days of members joining our Team Possible guilds.

42:24​ I meant more of a separate new quest, so we could have 2+ quests to do each day?

42:55​ When lands come out will there be a serf system or anything like it added?

43:35​ In prior weeks, people kept asking about the status of the new developer. Aggy/Yabapmatt, are you ready to give an update yet???

45:04​ Introduction of the new developer

50:23​ What is the current status and availability of promo codes? New players always ask for them and it sounds like there have been a few ways to get promo codes (for free spellbooks) lately.

51:54​ NEXT AMA: Friday March 26 @ 9AM EST.

52:55​ As we get more players and the general reward pool stays the same, have you considered increasing the rewards?

53:59​ Idea for play through map and earn prizes as you go through map

55:49​ Are you going to tokenize potions?

56:33​ Weren't there new rulesets coming?

57:32​ Final thoughts

1:00:01​ When wax /hive bridge to better use both markets more smoothly?

I hope you got some interesting info out of this AMA and will tune in again next week.


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Thanks, as always, for doing this. I look forward to listening to it over the weekend. 😊

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You're welcome. I like doing them, although making the timestamps takes time.
If the AMA is at a decent hour for me, I record. I hate having to wait till aggy posts his, only to find out he messed up again ;0)


Thanks for putting out these recordings. I often either partly or completely miss the AMA, and that sucks when I'm around and available and I see the notification too late.

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