Splinterlands Strategies - Winds of Change, The ‘Other’ Expansion

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With all the focus being on Beta’s now out of print and the new expansion, ‘Untamed’ with its Kickstarter event, I have focused my attention on something else.

splinterlands logo.png

The ‘Winds of Change’ expansion, aka the Orbs are still for sale and selling solidly but not quickly.

There are still 123,000 Orbs left for sale and I want some more of these cards before they disappear.

The problem with this tiny expansion is just that. It is far too small.

You buy 20 Orbs (plus a free one) for 48,000 DEC (I do have some guild discounts) and opening them yields card after card that is the same.


While it’s tempting to buy a big haul of them I’m more interested in picking up some singles from the open market.

What I would say is don't bugger around if you want some of the rarer cards. They are increasing in price but not yet going crazy like Betas, that is 'mostly'.

Fiendish Harpy was $1 when I bought mine, the current selling price is $2.88.


...'Some Winds of Change cards have seen a big increase, look at Fiendish Harpy, up well over 150% since I reviewed it 2 months ago'

Here are a couple that I intend to level to (3) which give me some abilities that can fit in with the decks I am using.


Lord of Fire (Legendary)

This guy is currently selling for $4.68 and his price has been slowly increasing for a while. He’s more a monster that sits in the middle and helps his mates out without offering much in the way of offence or defence.


What I find appealing about this demonic creature is his ability to apply TWO blanket effects at once.

At level ‘3’ we get ‘Silence’ (reduce all attacking monsters magic power by one, but not less than one) and ‘Strengthen’ (Increase all friendly monster hit points by one).

As well as this we get the additional debuff ability of ‘Affliction' which prevents enemy healing. Land this on the opposing tank and you can say bye-bye bandages!


I still rate Fire as the weakest splinter and feel at ‘3’ Mana, Lord of Fire is a welcome addition to the Fire lineup, and can add a little strength.


Corrupted Pegasus (Legendary)

I have yet to see one of these played in the lowly ranks of the Gold league where I am. At $14 each, this second in command juggernaut is not cheap but just look at those stats.


A Level (3) Pegasus boasts ‘Flying’ which makes him hard to hit and doubles against the earthquake rule that comes up frequently in play.

Couple this with ‘Strengthen’ again, ‘Reach’ for the second in line position and ‘Tank Heal’, this dude is awesome!

At ‘6’ Mana he is cheaper to cast than some of the other high Mana cards like Spirit of the Forest and Elemental Phoenix.

He’s also on the up when it comes to price is not cheap. What do you think he will cost when the Orbs are gone?


So these will be my next investments and by the time you read this, I will have them safely bought, levelled and ready to play.


Betas are going nuts on the marketplace. If you don't believe me then look at the Legendaries and Epics. Even Rares are increasing by 20-30% with Commons trailing for the moment.

Gold foil Rares and Epics are doing the same and I think I was wise to hoard a whole load of them before the craziness started.


...'They are starting to increase in price as I have now just checked. These were cheaper yesterday'...

I feel the Gold foil beta commons might be next. You have to remember few new ones are being filtered on to the marketplace, the player base is increasing and cards can be destroyed (for DEC).

There's still time to get them, just make sure you buy the right ones.



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Actually the harpy is a seed germinator card and not from the orbs.

This confusion is the reason why in my recent post I proposed to separate orb cards from actual promo cards.

I might have contributed to its rise in price by getting enough BCX from the market for a level 5 harpy. When I started it was about 1.50usd, when I stopped buying it was somewhere around 2.40.

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This confusion is the reason why in my recent post I proposed to separate orb cards from actual promo cards.

Thanks for the info. I missed the seed germinator promo, that was for getting the Tron guys interested right?

Harpy is great once in the Gold league and beyond. Shame there's no other opportunity cards... yet.

Yeah, I think that must have been the Tron campaign.
Though, I don't know how that worked or what role Tron played in it. I joined the Splinterlands after that was over already. :/
Tried making up for it by getting Delwyn and Harpy from the markets

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Ah yes Delwyn. I wondered why I never got him in the Orbs. Are there any more beside these two?

Afaik Dragonling Bowman and Red Dragon complete the list of SEEDGerminator cards. But keep in mind that there are also other promo cards not obtainable from orbs (like Shin Lo from the first kickstarter or Archmage Arius from Mystery Potions)

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Good info, thanks!

@tipu curate

It is a powerful combo to have Corrupted Pegasus and Lord of Darkness, but even that combo can be countered by heavy magic firepower in 2 turns. I have a feeling Corrupted Pegasus will get a chance to heal a more powerful undead tank in untamed, preferably with void ability.

I was thinking that combo myself. In the Gold league it may be more potent where Water decks don't quite have enough to take Lord out. Do you play at the higher levels?

No unfortunately, my collection is mainly for gold 1 and last few days of the season diamond 2-3. I don't have any maxed card.

I see you grew your Lord Of Fire- collection. You bought one of mine earlier. Thanks!

I hope you're right about the gold foils... at the moment, they don't sell that easily


Yes I had one and bought another 4 to make it a Lvl3 monster. The common foils are going up in price, I just bought another 4 with my DEC winnings.

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Great Info and I like when someone takes the Time to put it all in perspective. Thanks @slobberchops

Thanks, I don't tend to do things by halves!


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Woohoo thank you again!


Oh, I would need an accountant to keep track of this. Congrats on doing so well with it and explaining things for a better understanding!

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I have pretty much given up on Steemmonsters/Splinterlands I just do not have the time to do the quests

But good luck to you with it :)

I picked up some orbs the other day and opened them up. I didn't get much in the way of anything good. There are some cards in that small expansion that I really enjoy though. The one in the life splinter that repairs your armor can be awesome if you pair him with a card that has fortress.

Armorsmith is a good card, I use him all the time.

be awesome if you pair him with a card that has fortress.

What have you been pairing him with?

Defender of Truth. I think the "protect" buff gives everyone an extra tick of armor. Paired with him it just gives your tank a couple more turns.

Ah yes him, don't think I have enough to level him to (4) yet. @chops.support is my life deck guy.

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