2nd Airdrop, Card Update, & New Rulesets

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2nd Untamed Airdrop - Gloridax Guardian

The Guardians are chosen from the largest and most ruthless of the Gloridax Armed Forces. They are the keepers of the most dangerous criminals in the Splinterlands. The massive axes and swords of the Gloridax Guardians are mostly designed to intimidate their prisoners into quiet submission.

The second Untamed airdrop will be available later this week, and as you know it will be the Legendary Dragon Splinter card - the Gloridax Guardian! His huge axe gives him Reach, he makes a great back-up tank with the Shield ability at level 2, and then at max level he becomes the first and only Dragon Splinter card to have the Protect ability!

Only packs purchased through the website on or before November 27th, 2019, as well as any packs from the recent crowdfunding campaign will be eligible for the second airdrop and the odds of picking one up in the airdrop will be the same as for the Diamond Dragon.

Gremlin Blaster

We have received a lot of feedback about the Redemption ability possibly being too strong, but one case where it was definitely an issue was with the recently released Gremlin Blaster. A low mana cost Neutral card getting Redemption at level 1 was, in retrospect, clearly overpowered and needs to be adjusted asap.

As a result, the Gremlin Blaster card will be changed to the stats/abilities shown below at approximately 9 am EST tomorrow - Tuesday, December 17th. We will continue to monitor win rates for the different cards and Splinters as more people level up and play with the new Reward and Untamed cards to see if anything else needs to be adjusted in the future.

New Rulesets

We also have the following 4 new rulesets that we plan to add into the game over the next week or so. Let us know what you think of them, and feel free to suggest your own ruleset ideas in the comments!

Lost Magic - Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.

Close Range - Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles.

Even Stevens - Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles.

Odd Ones Out - Only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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These new sets are intriguing. I like the Only Even/Only Odd idea, who have thought of this?!

Changing the Gremlin Blaster was the wrong decision. Redemption must be limited to one damage. The early buyers of the card are now at a disadvantage. All redemption cards are too strong! Many people have said before release that the ability is too strong.
That was more than obvious.

Agreed! (see my comments)

I agree!

3164 Packs to go before the next card is dropped.

Glad I sold my Gremlings for 1.5$ each already :D

Oh yes! Now it's a characterless card. Way to much mana for this little effect.

If we want to nerf Redemption, maybe give a few ranged cards Enrage.

Good idea

Brilliant balance act!

Dislike the rule sets, why build decks worth thousands just to have new rules pop up seemingly out of no where ensuring you cant play your cards, so frustrating.

Very nice

I like the first and second ruleset, but the other two have no meaning to me. We have already the low mana games but allow or not a card to be played in a match due to its mana being odd or even, is a little too much...

allow or not a card to be played in a match due to its mana being odd or even, is a little too much...

Why is this any different than limiting the cards that can be played by their attack type or anything else? The idea of the rulesets is just that you have to think and use different cards for every game.

If the game is too complicated, then people stop playing such a game.
Previously, I could explain to my friends how to play this game in 10 Minutes, but now I can hardly understand the rules and the crazy number of cards.

Tell that to Path of Exile players.

I do not see this game in stores and my friends do not play it. This is my first time hearing about her. Either this game has poor advertising or it is complicated and only freaks play it.

5 year olds can learn this game easy, I don't see how new rulesets are complicating the game, it just makes it more dynamic. If you want something static, play chess I guess... Oh wait thats a complicated game, lol.

"crazy number of cards"
You don't play card games much, do you?

It is mostly freaks like me playing at the moment but the game doesn't even have an app yet. This is like a pre-release. You should judge how well its doing several months after the apps are out and the advertising has started.

I'm just going to grab Eldritch Battery and Chaos Innoculation. What could go wrong?

Ruleset ideas:

Civil War: Only neutral monsters may be used in battle

A rare occasion: Only rare monsters and summoners may be used in battle

Enchanted arrows: arrows go through armor like magic

Thunderstorm: All flying monsters take 2 magic dmg each round

Russian Roulette: A randomly selected monster dies each round

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Happy to see the Gremlin Blaster being quickly changed, though it was very foreseeable that it was a problem. Several people (including me) voiced concern when the card was first previewed.

However, there are still concerns about Redemption being overpowered, at least with regards to the Cursed Slimeball. I hope the Steem Monsters team continues to monitor the mechanic and the Slimeball.

Like the odd/even rulesets. Though I can see them being problematic in, say, Alpha-only tournaments.

The "no magic" one was inevitable.

However, in the past, new rulesets were temporarily weighted so they were more common so that players could get exposed to them. Can we please NOT do that with Lost Magic and Close Range? With the two of those, it would just overemphasize Ranged (as if Rennyn and Selenia aren't strong enough as is) for several weeks.

I hope the Steem Monsters team continues to monitor the mechanic and the Slimeball.

You're part of the team now, so please help monitor the mechanic and the Slimeball :-)

Hello game developers! Please stop! You upgrade the game too often so that it becomes uncomfortable to play. I invested more than $ 5,000 in the game. All the rewards I get are invested in improving my cards. But there are too many rules, and in order to take everything into account, you need too much concentration. It does not give any pleasure! Who are you making this game for? For all or for a select few people who can play such a difficult game? I know one major player who started selling cards. I also want to sell my cards ...

Difficult? Are you like 200 years old?

Don't take my sentence too seriously, but I for example like that the game is getting more hard. Not so long ago I could just use one splinter over and over again with the same cards over and over again and win. How was that fun?

Now we just need for the devs to update the events like they said previously - the change that you will be able to play the events and not have to be active at the same time. That's gonna be a huge improvement to the game!

A challenging game will never become massive! People would rather play simple balls than think of a complex game.

Clash of Clans is complicated and has millions of players. I think when we get used to the untamed cards, it will seem less complex. Having so many new cards at the same time makes it like a new game. I don't mind that, it never gets boring.

Loving those new rule sets. Great work guys! This should throw a spanner in the works of those pesky "farming" bots

Love the new rules!

liking the new rulesets, those seem fun.

Also liking the removal of redemption. I had one on a lvl 1 and I blew through my quest on lvl 1 summoner and fire cards.

Loving the new rule sets will really help with some of the untamed cards kicking peoples asses

Loving the no magic monsters as this game set was long overdue. Will be interesting to see how the even and odd game sets play out.

Also think that limiting cards by mana is too limiting and may create too random teams that does not make any sense.

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cool rules. I think they especially will not affect the whole gameplay.

Odd/Even mana doesn't make lot of sense. I would rather like to see no flying/reach monsters rule set.

Love it!

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That’s soon good news! Let me se me if I can pull one of those gold airdrops this time 🤑

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Should the Ruleset be "Odd Ones In" instead of "Odd Ones Out" since we are only able to use the odd ones in the battle?

That card looks cooler than the first on, IMO.


I actually live the redemption ability .... It's not converted into blast which does not make me happy.... 😢

New rulesets look interesting. Will the odds/evens sets also apply to Summoners?

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Very good point... that's gonna suck if applied to summoners...

Gremlin Blaster went from an overpowered card to a completely weak one in my opinion.

The change was needed though.

Gremlin Blaster, Why don't changed to when moster have shield take 2 meele damage...

I am a big fan of making the game, as some put it, 'more complicated'. As more cards are added, this is an effective way to keep the game interesting and fresh for an increasing majority that do not have all the cards!

New players will require this, I believe. This also makes it really hard on bots, and I want to congratulate all involved for the great effort!

Good job on the gremlin fix, I also believed it was needed. I like the first 2 rulesets; the other two.. not really :)

I liked the Gremlin Blaster very much, no matter whether in my opponents deck or mine. I've been confused when I picked it today and it did not blast anything when hit. LOL

Hey, I just experienced some issues with a tournament that I wanted to address. I can't find a way through the site on mobile to report it so I'm writing it here. I was just participating in this Alpha cards only tournament: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=tournament&id=7b77b039de2a533e2bbc15287c8d74d2e6972cd3 on my phone as I'm not home right now. During some of my team selections, after locking in my team I would get an error message saying that my team couldn't be locked in because one or more of my selected cards were not Alpha edition in an Alpha only mode. I checked back in the next battles and indeed cards from both Alpha and Beta were showing up whereas previously I remember that in an Alpha only tournament only Alpha cards show up in team selection. Even my death splinter summoner showed up while I don't own an Alpha death splinter summoner. So I would like to report this issue. I'm not sure if this is a mobile only issue or not as I haven't been able to go on my computer while I was in the tournament. Hope you can look into this!

Pretty sure its a known issue. We're so used to grabbing whichever cards are shown as available, that even if you know its a bug, its really hard to remember to leave them alone. Sorry, mate. I almost grabbed a Pixie, myself, but shoutout to @ivz who was sitting next to me and kept me out of trouble :)

Ah alright! I rarely get to enter these Alpha-only tournaments as I'm usually not online when they're held. So for me it was the first time I saw that issue. Yeah definitely! Oh phew good thing they were sitting next to you and made sure you didn't end up using the Pixie!

I've been jumping in on Alpha tourneys for a long time now, but I think this is a new bug, probably since Untamed arrived.