Best Quarter in Splinterlands History!

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Hey Splinterfans, here's a post for the folks who love numbers! We're through March. Q1 is in the books. Here's the numbers for March:

  • 9,468 new player sign-ups (~15% increase in total registered users)
  • This is the most new players in a single month in company history.
  • 1,914 Summoner's Spellbook purchases (~9% increase in total Spellbook owners - most new spellbook purchases in a single month)
  • 70,806 Untamed packs purchased
  • 546,985 Potions purchased
  • 8,777 AZMARE Dice packs purchased
  • 44,150,969 DEC burned (via shop purchases, guild contributions, etc)
  • 10,335,041 DEC worth of cards burned
  • 250,395 card market transactions for $155,080 in USD volume

March (and Q1 in general) has typically been a slow time for Splinterlands since most of our big promotions happen at the end of the year, but this quarter has completely bucked that trend and has given us a fantastic start to the year!

We're seeing more games played, more new players, higher card prices, and just about everything heading up and to the right. The craziest part is that we haven't even released (or even in some cases announced) any of the huge new features we have planned for the year!

As always, none of this would be possible without the amazing player community, and we look forward to working with all of you to make 2021 the biggest year in Splinterlands history!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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These are nothing but a prelude to something even greater in the upcoming quarters.

Been Here Since the Beginning and I Like Gold Cards.


Those card prices... I have no idea where they come from but they shot through the roof without me noticing!

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That market cap is definitely booming. I didn't realize there was so much DEC being burned and there was so much transactions happening in the card market.

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DEC was trading at 93% of retail recently, too.

Yea DEC's fiat price is fairly stable but its HIVE price tanked quite a bit since HIVE was pumped quite a bit.

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I hope it's just gearing up for the next run. :)

Crazy quarter. 1 USD for still-in-print reward epics is insane

I think this is related to the hype about nft's and also the collaboration with wax could be a reason. Just sensational

I think in part, but both of those are fertile ground for future growth so even a slip in the short term is till solid ground to launch next run.