📣 Calling all Fan Fiction Writers and Artists!

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What is Splinterlore?

This site was created by Lore Masters @carrieallen & @chrisroberts to house the many stories of the Splinterlands. Currently, you can find some fun FAQs, MAPS, and a bit of LORE from all the Splinters.

Where YOU come in.

Carrie (that's me!) is ready to start populating pages of Fan Fiction and Art! (Okay, enough of third person... this is weird.) ...

I'm looking for links to your old (or new) STEEM posts!
No limitation on how many you can share!

My plan is to share a thumbnail, a little blurb, and then a link back to your STEEM post. It's possible I'll want to highlight entire posts and format it into the website, but I'll always link back to you.

For artworks, I'd generally like to use your images ON the website, but again, link back to you.

As far as permissions to share, this post can act as a sort of agreement. If you share your links in the comment section below you are giving us permission to share your works at Splinterlore. Of course, you are welcome to offer any limitations or specifications on how we share your creations. The goal here is to get MORE eyes everywhere!

The Plan

I'll be collecting these for the next couple of weeks. After I have a good amount to work with (hopefully from all Splinters) I'll start updating the website.

Got Questions? Ask down below!


Places to learn more, connect and play!

SPLINTERLORE Website: It's lore galore!

SPLINTERLANDS BLOG: Where you'll find all the updates.

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I so wish I had more time to write my fan fiction stories. It was fun! There were so many people entering stories and art back then. Looking forward to reading them.

Feel free to use anything that I have created for @alphachicken!

I'm so excited! Thank you!

So great the website is getting a boost! I'm travelling so harder to place here old material. I'll link my last two fantasy stories, but you have my permission to link any of my old story posts in the website, I consider it an honour! Here go the links:



Thank you again for creating the website and giving the authors a chance to be a little more part of the game!

Oh that sounds really interesting, I actually have not really writing fictional stories for a really REALLY long time. It would be really interesting if the characters in the cards are brought out to life from fan-fic stories to see how it goes later.

Hello, I am a Steemit artist, that within my time, I have been able to participate in many Splinterlands competitions. Now, I also wanted to propose the integration of a fur store for artists. Although one already exists, there is not for us the creators. That is, I create a fanart, an example, of the Baby Unicorn and I would like to use it as skin inside that skin letter, how would I do it?

So, I would win for my art every time someone bought my skin from that monster. Of course, I suppose there will be limitations, that is: only digital art, some minimum resolution and / or approval by the splinterlands team for later sale in the Skins section of the game. Perhaps, within it, there could be a filter, where we would mainly see the skins that you propose and that are currently, and in turn, also those of us the player artists. Believe me that if so, I would be locked up in my room all month created the art of each letter to my style until they were all completed, I would be very excited. Of course, I mention this not to offend or dismiss the art that the cards of the game already have, but as a way of business, and why not, for splinterlands as well.

Hey there!

These are great ideas!

Just to give you a heads up on how things work...


For example, LAST YEAR we worked with voice actors and created things that were to be implemented to the website. They have not been. Why? Because the actual GAME PLAY is way more important to the average player... particularly because of the potential rewards. In other games, focus may lie on appearance cause that's LITERALLY the only thing keeping people playing... This is different. It's most important (right now) to get the mobile app out, implement more cards when others run out, maintain the best possible balance (cause again- REWARDS are most important to pretty much everyone) and THEN starting sprucing things up a bit.

Our poor ol' voice actors have simply been waiting forever.

But I'm pretty sure if we started focusing on that INSTEAD of how players can potentially make money... folks would get salty real fast. 😉

Thanks again for your suggestions!

I wish I owned a magic wand that could instantly implement all the ideas!

A tad late to the party...

I'd be happy and honoured to have my fan work put up on the SplinterLore site! One is a short story and the other link is to fan art.