Splinterlands Diesel Pool on Hive-Engine: SWAP.HIVE vs DEC!

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Splinterlands has created a Diesel Pool for SWAP.HIVE vs DEC. Splinterlands has provided 22k SWAP.HIVE and 9.4M DEC into the pool as a starting position.

What's a Diesel Pool?

Diesel Pools are the Hive-Engine equivalent of Uniswap Pools. These are liquidity pools where liquidity providers deposit both sides of a trading pair in equal value and traders are able to use the pools to move in and out of either side.

Where can I see/interact with the Diesel Pool?


How does this benefit Splinterlands?

As the pool grows it provides more price stability for DEC on Hive-Engine and in general.

Is there more liquidity coming?

We've started a 500k Hive power down on the @steemmonsters account. We'll run it for one week, and then we'll stop the powerdown and take the liquid funds and apply that to the Diesel Pool as well.

Should I add liquidity to the Diesel Pool?

The incentive structure for Diesel Pools is still being built. So, if you're feeling altruistic feel free to contribute now but please keep in mind there are currently no rewards for doing so. We're looking into ways to incentivize third-party LPs in the pool going forward so please stay tuned for that.

Congratulations to the Hive-Engine team on this historic accomplishment.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I don't understand the full financial implications of these pools on DEC but is anyone actually USING the eth or Dai pools with how high the fees are? Like not just putting liquidity in or out but actually using the pools to cash in or out of Dec?

Seems like a fee-less pool is much more usable.

Like I said I don't know how diesel compares for the health of Dec and the game but I wouldn't mind pulling completely out of the eth pool because I hate so much about the ethereum blockchain.

I have been multiple times sitting on a bunch of DEC since the liquidity pools were build and I never really used them to swap my DEC into ETH or DAI because of the fees. It makes only sense when the price difference on Hive Engine and the pool grows very large and/or if you additionally to sell very large amounts.

That is also why I pulled out my liquidity from the ETH/DEC pool because I felt that it was a) not really being used there and b) I got disappointed by the additional DAI pool (which in general is a good idea but came at the cost of the first pool and hence made both pools much less attractive for liquidity providers).

The Diesel pool sounds much MUCH more convenient to use for swaps. And depending on what they come up with as incentives potentially also more profitable.

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I don't fully understand all the associated risks with these pools. But I do know that no eth fees is awesome

I wonder if we end up getting a stable coin pool for dec.

Hbd <> Dec pool perhaps.

I hate so much about the ethereum blockchain

Thank you!

That's great!

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Any idea, why I am getting error in adding liquidity.

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Awesome news! I will definitely be keeping an eye on this...diesel pools are definitely VERY beneficial... best of luck in implementing this...

Another reason why Splinterlands rocks! :) 💜


I would have preferred less greenhouse names. I.E. hydrogen pools, electric pools, ... or thinking to water: still pools 🤣🤣🤣

or thinking to water:

swimming pool :)

tried to add liquidity, keep getting an error message

edit: will try again later this arvo, maybe just too early in the morning for me. Would also be more of a fan for DEC / and a stable HBD

Yeah. It would be easier to track.

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Congratulations guys!

I almost don't want DEC price to be stable. I have been having too much fun with it in the current state.