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A simple trivia contest. Each week I'll ask a few questions that you must answer in the comment section to be entered into a random drawing.Every other Friday I'll post a new challenge. You'll have the entire week to answer correctly.Because we wanna get everyone more into the lore side of things. Plus! We truly do like giving away booster packs.

🤓The Challenge🤓

  • You MUST answer the following questions correctly in the comment section to enter the RANDOM DRAWING.
    • How many Untamed airdrops have their been so far?
    • How many chickens big is Cornealus?
    • Where can you find more in depth character profiles?
  • Also include a picture/gif of ANYTHING (safe for work, please).

Note: Entries sharing identical answers AND images will be disqualified. Everyone MUST USE A DIFFERENT PICTURE for their entry to count.

A great idea was suggested! It was brought to my attention that on the user interface Peakd.com you can now direct message (DM)! This would be a great option to allow people to answer these questions without simply copy/pasting the first person. HOWEVER, because this is NOT implemented across the HIVE blockchain (yet), I don't feel it fair to require this. But, I'm open to feedback. 😍 Do YOU used Peakd.com already? Tell me down below! If (most) everyone does I'll switch to this for next time. 🥰-@carrieallen

Deadline to enter: When this post pays out. I'll announce the winners and the new questions every other week.

Prizes: Winners will be chosen by RANDOM drawing. Each will receive 1 Booster Pack.

Places to find answers

  • Splinterlands.com - There are little bits of lore on each card, along with a LOT of information. All of which will be fair game.
  • Splinterlore.com - This is the official lore site for the Splinterlands. We are currently hosting the past winners of the Fan Fiction and Art contests along with official stories, maps and more.
  • Splinterlore Blog - This is where you'll find in depth profiles of each character. More being added regularly!
  • Peakmonsters.com & MonsterMarket.io - These are a couple of excellent secondary markets run by the community. While our intention is to focus on lore, it's very possible I'll throw in some random stat questions. If I do, look here. 😎

Good luck!

November 13th Answers & Winners!

What is the name of the new Blockchain Heroes crossover character?
Hero of Beyond
What will the retail price of land plots be AFTER the final pre-sale on the 19th?
Who becomes a mysterious whirlwind of scattered runes, bones, scrolls, blades and blood when he summons?
Qid Yuff

👉Quick Draw Winners👈

First 3 people who entered with the correct answers.
You each win TWO Booster packs!

🌟 cmplxty 🌟 omra-sky 🌟 blog-beginner 🌟


Just kidding! I'm giving 'em to everyone!

Reminder: On off weeks you can win more Booster Packs in the Live Telegram Trivia Contest!


Rewards for this post are burned.🔥


I used peak.d to post only and i can say it is a good site...
1.- 8 airdrops so far
2.- 16 chickens
3.- On the official website the splinterlore


Yes, I use Peakd.com and neoxian.city frontends :D
But if it happens I need to search the answers myself, as I copied some hehe

How many Untamed airdrops have their been so far?

  • 8 airdrops

How many chickens big is Cornealus?

  • 16 chickens

Where can you find more in depth character profiles?

  • Splinterlore Website link

Great thanks for the packs! Hope you had a good Christmas or whatever holidays you take part in @carrieallen !

This week is
1 - 8 airdrops so far
2 - 16 chickens tall, that was fun.
3 - the splinter lore blog is a great place to find the info.

Here’s a snowman!


As far as direct messaging the answers, I guess it might be an option however I don't think this is good for the longevity of the game. People in the public that aren't on hive or using PeakD won't see or understand that. It's a good suggestion however we need on-chain engagement and comments as much as possible. I think possibly having a shorter deadline would reduce some of the copy and pasting being valid entries.

Hey, but the process maybe aorganized well to show the people in public,
but not the ready answers.
Let we shall comment here, under the post about that
"I've post my asnwers in the chat" -- to be count in)

  • pic, etc. as well)

@cmplxty, @omra-sky, @xabi, @rondonshneezy
Did you read today post carefully?
Please, read it.

there is no problem to do only one thing:

Hive Keychain using
and only feature as it is: https://peakd.com/chat
so the user see & negotiate only with the chat, nothing more)

I didn't initially but I do now. I don't like the idea personally. I added my thoughts above.

  1. 8 airdrops
  2. 16 chickens tall
  3. Splinterlore blog


I do currently used peaks.com

8 air drops
16 chickens
The splinterlore blog


8 Airdrops
16 chickens tall
Splinterlore Blog

Yes, I use Peakd. I'd just have to figure out how to use direct messaging.

I did not even read these posts until now! I mean I do the weekly battle posts and social posts but how I miss trivia challenge I have no clue. Maybe because when I saw the word trivia I avoided it since I was never good at memorizing facts. Well anyways my answers:

1) 8 airdrops
2) 16 chickens
3) www.splinterlore.com

My daily reward chests:

1. 8 airdrops
2. 16 chickens
3. [Splinter Lore](https://www.splinterlore.com/lore)


hopefully the image

This week's answers are as follows:

1.- 8 airdrops
2.- 16 chickens
3.- On the official website the splinterlore



  1. 8 airdrops
  2. 16 chickens
  3. On www.splinterlore.com


I always use PeakD interface and like the idea of answers via chat/DM!

How many Untamed airdrops have their been so far?
8 Airdrops

How many chickens big is Cornealus?
16 Chickens

Where can you find more in depth character profiles?
In https://www.splinterlore.com/character-profiles

Source: https://www.splinterlore.com


  1. 8 Airdrops
  2. 16 Chickens
  3. On the https://www.splinterlore.com/ website

A great pack ♥

My Answers:

  1. 8 airdrops
  2. 16 chickens
  3. www.splinterlore.com


  • 8 airdrops
  • 16 chickens
  • Splinterlore Blog


First question: 8 Airdrops

Second question: 16 Chickens

Third question: For more information look at https://www.splinterlore.com/character-profiles