Splinterstats - July 2020 Mystery Potion Report

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"He who controls the Dark Energy, controls the fate of the Splinterlands!" - The Grand Seer


Since the release of DEC in May 2019, and with it, Mystery Potions, 215 Mystery Potion Promo cards have been released, 11 of which have been gold. The current running Mystery Prize, The Mighty Dricken has only 55 cards left to be won.

At the beginning of July I began to post daily statistics regarding the approximate value of Mystery Potions received, an approximate cost, and the net effective impact on DEC supply from the value received. After 31 daily posts, which are now automated for timely delivery, a NET value of 39,280 DEC has been introduced into the ecosystem. Future months will reveal if there is a long term trend of positive or negative NET values, and if Mystery Potions are an effective DEC sink.

For those not familiar with Mystery Potions, for the price of 1200 DEC (or less with guild discounts) a player can currently receive one of the following prizes:

  • Legendary, Alchemy, Quest and Mystery Potions.
  • Any currently printing rewards edition card (standard or gold) .
  • UNTAMED Booster Packs (previously ORBS were included).
  • Mystery Promo Cards (a 50% chance each day of being given out).

Qualitative statistics are not my forte, though I hope those reading find the following (somewhat limited) statistics are useful in evaluating if buying Mystery Potions is worthwhile or not for them.

July Highlights

  • @bji1203 won a gold Mighty Dricken G2-238-1DEITLBLLS on the 8th July.
  • @mellofello won two standard Mighty Drickens.
  • No gold foil legendary rewards cards were received.
  • Two gold foil epics were received.
  • On average 125.58 Mystery Potions were running.
  • On average there was a 58% chance of a Mystery Prize was awarded each day.
  • 1139 UNTAMED Booster Packs were won.
  • Total DEC 🔥 value of rewards cards 129,180.
  • Total DEC value of potions was 1,081,100.
  • 385 Mystery Potions were won as prizes, giving the winners another chance at the Dricken.

Mystery Prizes

  • 17 Standard Foil Mystery Card valued at 553,350 DEC won.
  • 1 Gold Foil Mystery Card valued at 551250 DEC won.


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  • Net DEC vs Number of potions running:


  • Daily DEC paid / received:


  • UNTAMED Booster packs given away each day:


  • Number of Potions Running:



Feel free to request any specific statistics you would like to see (which can be generated from data in the daily posts).


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